AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Water Heater Review – High Rated Water Purifier

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Water Heater Review – High Rated Water Purifier

We are living in a fast life, where every moment is important for us, and in this age of instant interaction, we require instant connectivity and so Instant Electric Geyser or Best Instant Water Heater we need the most in our everyday life. With the help of this amazing device, we can take a shower with hot water without any mess. It is particularly perfect for such days in which we have to go faster. This Instant Geyser allows us to reduce our time frame of bath and make a quick refresh. Really, it is the perfect and incredible home appliance.

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Water Heater – High Rated Water Purifier

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15

Now, from a number of brands, which water heater will perfectly fulfill your requirement? AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 water heater is a superb device in this regard. The incredible and impressive features of AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 are as follows:

It is associated with a thermal cut-off (automatic) for preventing damage and harm. It comes with a special anode core of stainless steel that provides protection to its tank from rust erosion. Its water tank is properly linked with the Blue Diamond glass that ensures the long life of this geyser. It is also equipped with an amazing safety element particularly in its 4 in 1 safety valve property. It has come with a rating of BEE 5-star that provides an assurance of its efficiency and also provides an impressive guarantee of energy conservation. It is featured with a compact blue along with a white body. This device can be easily mounted on your kitchen’s wall, bathroom’s wall, or your preferred location.

You can freshen up as well as can get a soothing experience through the installation of the AO Smith 15L SDS Geyser. It provides a continuous hot water flow. It is associated with an incredible capacity of 15 liters and it is also involved with an impressive heating element (glass coated) that gives heating to the water. The amazing system of AO Smith Colour Match enables the water heater to incredibly match up your bathroom’s color. You can know more details about it by contacting them.

Advanced Technology:

It is included with a double-coated and glass-linked incredible tank. It provides maximum protection and safety against hard water along with corrosion.

Superior Quality:

Its best and incredible quality provides the protection that you are associated with the best water heater that works amazingly with the conditions of Indian water.

Longer Warranties:

It has come with a warranty of 7 years on the inner tank along with comprehensive 2 years and other warranties.

Energy Saving:

It is involved with BEE 5 star rating that means it is a great energy-efficient product.

Made Better:

It is built in the most advanced and modern factory of a water heater in India.

Glass Coated Heating Element:

If sediment and scale are built-up on the element’s surface, then it can experience a premature failure. The incredible Glass Coating of A.O. Smith helps in preventing the unwanted scale formation and thus it extends the previous heating element’s life.

Blue Diamond Glass Lining:

The Blue Diamond technology enhances the precious inner tank’s life. Its lining is very powerful along with stronger corrosion-resistant compared to others.

Temperature Control Knob:

It is involved with an incredible temperature control knob that enables an individual to decide the temperature between the ranges of 25ºC to 75ºC. This impressive feature is only available in the EWSH series.

Four Years Extended Warranty:

This tank is featured with a warranty of 7 years. Its heating element has come with a warranty of 2 years. It is also included with some other warranty benefits for which you can contact them.

Anode Rod:

This tank comes with an incredible anode rod that is incredibly featured with the core of stainless steel that is developed for giving protection to this tank from the corrosive elements. Its anode rod is especially involved with a feature of special cathodic action for fighting these elements. As a result, the lifetime of this water heater extends.

Thermal Cutout:

If the temperature of the water exceeds the topmost or highest preset rank, then the incredible thermal cutout then cuts off its power supply for assuring safety.

Safety Valve:

It is involved with the safety valve that is developed to relieve along with discharge water particularly when the specific pressure exceeds the particular preset limits.

Quality is very important for every device. So, always go for the best water heater, and for that reason, install AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 today.

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