Which is Best Brand for Water Heater/Geyser in india?

Which is Best Brand for Water Heater/Geyser in india?

Water Heater is an important appliance used in many houses. It helps in providing the heated water into the taps. Without this appliance, one has to heat water manually in works like bathing or washing hands etc. Therefore, it is important to select the best Water Heaters in India for your household. Some popular Water Heater brands are described below:-

Best Brand for Water Heater/Geyser

#1 AO Smith

AO Smith is a popular brand in the field of Water Heater. Some of the Water Heater brands of AO Smith are:

AO Smith 25 Ltr HSE-VAS-025 Storage Geyser – White:

Its features are a Capacity of 26 litres, Tank Coating, Preset Thermal Cut-out, Rated Water Pressure, Power Consumption of 2000 watts etc.

AO Smith 15 Ltr HSE-SDS-015 Storage Geyser:

Some of its features are 15 litres Capacity, Glass Coated Heating Element, Blue Diamond Glass Lining, Preset Thermal Cut-out, BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) 5-star rating, Stainless Steel Anode Core, Warranty of 4 Years on Heating Element & 7 Years on Tank.

AO Smith 25 Ltr HSE-SES-025 Geyser:

Some features of this product are 25 Litres Capacity, 5 Star BEE Rating, Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank, Stainless Steel Anode Core, Superior Quality, 2 Years AO Smith India Warranty etc.

AO Smith 15 Ltr SBS Storage Geyser – White:

Its impressive features are Blue Diamond Technology, Large Storage Capacity, Wired Remote Controller etc.

There are various other Water Heater products are available from this brand.

#2 Bajaj Home Appliance

Bajaj is a popular name among the masses. Bajaj produces a huge of Water Heaters. Some of those products are discussed below:-

Bajaj New Shakti 25 liter 4 stars 2000 W vertical water heater:

Some of the features of this Water Heater are Tank coating, 25 liters of Capacity, Multiple safety systems, etc.

Bajaj 3 Ltr 3KW Flora IWH Instant Geyser:

The features are rust-proof thermoplastic body, compact design, 3-litre capacity, 3 kW heating element, extremely safe to use etc.

Bajaj 10 Ltr New Shakti Glass-lined Storage Geyser – White:

Some essential features of this Water Heater are 10Ltrs of Capacity, Power Wattage of 2000W, overheat cut off system, non-corrosive high-quality metal etc.

Bajaj 25 Ltr Shakti Geyser:

The important features are High Capacity of 25 litres, Excellent Heating, Thermal Cut-off and Heat Retention, Power Consumption of 2000 watts, high-quality metal along with a powder coating finish etc.

Bajaj 1 Ltr Flora IWH Instant Geyser:

The features are Capacity of one litre, thermoplastic rust-proof body, Preset Thermal Cut-Out etc.

Other Bajaj Water Heaters are also available.

#3 Kenstar

Kenstar is a popular name in the Water Heater field. Some of the Water Heater products of this brand are:

Kenstar 15 Ltr 5 Star KGS15W5P Jacuzzi Storage Geyser:

The features are 15 litres of Capacity, ISI certified heating element, rust-resistant durable stainless steel tank, insulated plastic coating, Pre-set Thermal Cut-Out, HRT (heat-retention technology) etc.

Kenstar 3 LTR KGT03W1P Instant Geyser:

Some features are 3 litres of Capacity, rust-resistant Tank Coating, Preset Thermal Cut-Out, Heat Retention, 3000 W of Power Consumption, Penta Safe technology, 2 years warranty etc.

You can also search for other products of this brand. Now, you can select the best Water Heaters for your usage.

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