Top 10 Best Cold Presser Juicer in India – [April 2022]

Top 10 Best Cold Presser Juicer in India – [April 2022]

Indulging the consumption of fruits and vegetables every day should be a core factor as they greatly help in maintaining the health of the body. Both fruits and vegetables are the key components of boosting immunity. Undoubtedly, in this busy life, consuming them every day might seem a taxing task which is there is an open option of juicing. Through, juicing all the important ingredients of the fruits and vegetables are consumed healthily.

Packed juices are not a healthy option as they might contain other hidden chemicals that are more or less likely to harm the body which is why investing in a quality juicer has to be one of the best investments as, through the juicers, the minerals, and vitamins are not lost but are secured in the juice.

Compare Top 10 Best Cold Presser Juicer in India

Fan NameWattsWarrantyUse RatingsPrice in India
Hestia Appliances240 Watts1 Year4.9/5
Borosil Health Pro200 Watts2 Years4.8/5
Balzano ZZJ827M180 Watts1 Year4.6/5
Bosch MESM500W150 Watts2 Years4.6/5
Hurom H-AA Series150 Watts2 Years4.5/5
AGARO Imperial240 Watts5 Years4.5/5
Hurom HP Series150 Watts5 Years4.5/5
Kuvings EVO240 Watts2 Years4.6/5
Kuvings B1700240 Watts10 Years4.6/5
Hurom H-100150 Watts10 Years4.5/5

A cold presser juicer is not a regular mixer or juicer because, unlike the regular mixer, no kind of centrifugal force is involved in disintegrating the produce. Here, the products are pressed so that the liquid can be easily extracted thus resulting in utmost nutrition and is immensely tasty. Using this juicer will save the time of chopping the veggies. A cold presser juicer is a productive investment and buying the perfect juicer will add to the health benefits.  

How to choose the Best Cold Presser Juicer?

Considering that a cold presser juicer is a very expensive investment, several points should be taken into consideration. They are as follows:

  • Cold presser juicer types: There are a variety of juicer types that one can buy from for example there are horizontal or vertical kinds from where one can choose the juicer of their favorite brand. Vertical juicers are ideal for cramped spaces whereas horizontal juicers are comparatively easier to clean.
  • Speed: Before buying a juicer, its speed is also a factor that should be positively taken into consideration as this factor will justify the efficiency and the durability of the machine. As of generally, the usual speed of the machine is somewhere between 70-90 rpm.
  • Size: The size of the cold presser juicer also matters. In case, the kitchen is small in size, then a small size juicer will do the magic. Thus, getting a close look at the description section of the juicer will prove itself to be very fruitful.
  • Power: There are only two power variations in terms of cold presser juicers and they are 150 watts and 240 watts. Therefore, a cold presser juicer of certain power will imply the needs of the home. The right juicer should have opted as if the mixer doesn’t turn out good then it won’t yield its maximum capacity.
  • Weight: If you are someone who often travels a lot then the weight of the juicer is an important factor that should be taken into consideration but if you are not a frequent traveler then the juicer’s weight should not bother you much. Thus, if you are a traveler then you should opt for a cold presser juice that does not weigh much.
  • Size of the chute: It is one of the many factors that should be strictly taken care of while buying a cold presser juicer. A juicer with a small chute implies that the buyer has to do more work where the fruits and the vegetables should be carefully cut before inserting them into the juicer. In case, the juicer has a big chute, the entire product can be loaded, where the time, energy, and work of the buyer can be easily saved. Thus, if the buyer deals with only one kind of product, then a juicer with a small chute size will do the work.
  • Price: Price is an inevitable factor that should be strictly taken into consideration while buying a cold presser juicer as they don’t come cheap. This is why having two or three juicers in the same price range should be an ideal option.
  • Attachments: Some juicers have really attractive attachments so that frozen desserts can be easily made. Numerous other cold presser juicers have strainers, cleaning brushes, safety locks, and more. Choosing a cold presser juicer concerning this factor will more or less probably depend on how often the equipment is being cleaned.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Cold Presser Juicer in India 2022

The following are some of the best cold presser juicers in India:

#1 Hestia Appliances – Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Hestia AppliancesThe material of the juicer is plastic and it comes with a warranty of 10 years. It is known as the best juicer mixer grinder in India 2022. Through this, a dense and a good amount of thickness in the juice can be well expected. The juice will be free of any kind of air bubbles. The juicers are BPA-free Tritan having stainless steel strainers.

These juicers have a large feeding tube of around 75 mm and a big auger so that the efficiency of the squeezing is at the maximum level. The juicer collectively comes with a rotation wiper along with a cleaning pipe.

Highlights –

  1. The material is plastic.
  2. The power is around 240 watts.
  3. The color is wine red.
  4. The juicer weighs somewhere around 7.4 kg .
  5. The dimension of the juicer is 20.8×15.5×47.5 cm.
  6. It costs under Rs. 15,000.

#2 Borosil – Health Pro Cold Press Slow Juicer

Borosil juicerThis juicer is one of the most pocket-friendly juicers as it does not cost much and is known as the best carrot juicer in India.  It has a very sophisticated design that matches perfectly with the décor of the kitchen. The juicer comes with a juicer cup along with a 600ml pulp container. Apart from this, another significant feature of the juicer is that it has the on and reverse function that will help in clearing the pulp. Thus, it is the best vegetable juicer.

Moreover, it has a spinning brush as well that combines nutrients both from the vegetables as well as the fruits so that a nutrient-rich juice is delivered as the results.

Highlights –

  1. The warranty of the juicer is about 2 years.
  2. In terms of budget, it costs under Rs.10,000.
  3. Assembling the juicer is convenient.

#3 Balzano ZZJ827M Cold Press Slow Juicer

Balzano ZZJ827MThis is the best cold presser juicer in India available and it comes with a deed separator through which getting rid of the fruit’s seeds from the veggies becomes a piece of cake which indirectly emphasizes that a lot of amount of time will be easily saved. It does not cut the fiber, instead, it comprises teeth that can easily chew the fiber so that the juice can be conveniently extracted.

Highlights –

  1. The material of the juicer is ABS.
  2. It is dark silver.
  3. The power of the juicer is 180 watts (Also available in 200 watts).
  4. It weighs around 4.9 kg.
  5. The dimension of the juicer is 29.6×18×45 cm.
  6. The budget of the juicer is below Rs. 25000.

#4 Bosch Comfort MESM500W Cold Press Slow Juicer

Bosch Comfort MESM500WThis juicer has a very decent squeezing technology and can be termed the best slow juicer in India. It comprises of three ultimate uses which are fine, coarse and these two are followed by the sorbet filters. Furthermore, this package comes with a recipe book as well. Thus, this machine results in very healthy and tasty juices which are rich in vitamins and are extracted from herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Highlights –

  1. The material of the juicer is BPA free plastic.
  2. It weighs around 4.9 kg.
  3. Its power is somewhere around 150 watts.
  4. The dimension is 33×23× 37 cm.
  5. The color of the juicer is black mostly.
  6. In terms of budget, it falls under Rs. 15000.

#5 Hurom H-AA Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

Hurom H-AA SeriesUsing this juicer is easy and comparatively convenient to use as it has new strainers. This is yet another best juicer in India. This juice is specially optimized so that it can operate at 43 rpm which is known to effectively enhance the extraction capacity. It has a moderate level slow-squeeze mechanism that is a very good factor in retaining all the good nutrients thus giving a clear and clean juice as a result. There are hardly any annoying noises or vibrating sensations which will hence prevent the buyer from any kind of irritating sense.

Highlights –

  1. It is made up of plastic and stainless steel.
  2. It weighs somewhere around 5.8 kg.
  3. The power of the juicer is 220-240 watts.
  4. It comes in black pearl color.
  5. In terms of dimensions, it is 21.1×29.3×46.2cm.
  6. This cold presser juice comes under the cost of Rs. 25,000.

These are five of the best cold presser juicers that can be labeled as an ideal purchase. Thus, juicing is one of the healthiest options to consume the goodness of fruits and vegetables. Buying a cold presser juicer has to be one of the best solutions if one wants to lead a healthy life.


If you are one who wants to incorporate a healthy lifestyle then giving a shot at buying a cold presser juice can be termed as a good start as they come with an easy cleaning mechanism as well. Opting for such a juicer will greatly save time as it will restrict the buyer from chopping the vegetables and the fruits.

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