Top 5 Best Pressure Cooker in India Under 1000 (April 2022) – Reviews

Top 5 Best Pressure Cooker in India Under 1000 (April 2022) – Reviews

The most imperative advantage of utilizing a pressure cooker is that it altogether decreases the cooking time. Cooking in a pressure cooker is additionally the quickest strategy for cooking scrumptious and healthy foods. Today’s pressure cookers are to a great degree protected and simple to utilize. By sealed cooking of food, trapped steam creates interior pressures and furthermore raises the temperature. The amplified temperature, as well as pressure fundamentally, accelerates the cooking procedure. Check out Comparison Table of top Pressure Cooker Below.

[Compare] Top Best 5 Pressure Cooker in India (April 2022)

Product NameCapacityMaterialWarrantyPrice in India
Prestige Cooker7.5 litresAluminium5 Years
Hawkins Contura3 litresAluminium5 Years
Prestige Deluxe2 litresAnodised, Aluminium5 Years
Prestige Deluxe2 litresAluminium5 Years
Hawkins Contura3.5 LitresStainless Steel5 Years

How To Select the Best Pressure Cooker in India 2022?

Pressure cooking can cook food in almost 1/3 of the time that is needed to cook ordinarily and often more than 10 times quicker. Contrasted with a microwave, the food tastes extensively better. A pressure cooker can boil potatoes in 5 minutes, and chicken in 20 minutes. The pressure cooker in India is an incredibly helpful appliance. Some of the best pressure cookers in India is mentioned below for your convenience.

What to Look for in Pressure Cookers?

Stainless Steel & Thick Bottom:

Look for pressure cookers produced from high-quality strong stainless steel. Look for the bottom stamp that indicates “18/10 Stainless Steel” the structure of the metal.

Precise Pressure Display & Rapid Release:

A pressure cooker with a pressure of 15psi (pounds per square inch) is the established standard. It also includes a precise pointer that will visibly indicate when it reaches this level.

Safety Features:

Contemporary pressure cookers expel surplus steam from a valve stem with a “hiss” sound.  If pressure continues to raise the sealing gasket is pushed out via a safety aperture in the lid.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Pressure Cooker in India (April 2022)

Have a look at the best five latest pressure cooker in India…

1). Prestige Popular Outer Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Prestige Popular Outer Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker

The extremely valued Prestige Popular Outer Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker and has an induction bottom and a multitude of other best quality traits. It is produced from pure Aluminium to guarantee zero stains, this cooker boasts of best quality raw materials. Honed over a time period with the brand Prestige engineering, anticipated the most excellent with modern innovations plus features. Added to that, the stylish design as well as impressive finish, this pressure cooker is a total delight to cook with.


  • The Prestige Popular Outer Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker is compatible with gas stoves and has an Anti-protuberance bottom and exactitude weight worth.
  • Metallic security plug with gasket discharge system.
  • Has handles that are very comfortable and handy.

2). Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Aluminium Pressure Cooker

The Contura pressure cooker from Hawkins is the best pressure cooker in India 2022 and is intended to craft your cooking experience faster and more pleasurable. The hard-anodized aluminium used to manufacture the cooker will not react with food, and hence you can have harmless and healthy food. With a sturdy structure and aluminium body, this is a strong pressure cooker that is hard-wearing enough to go on for years and years of food preparation. The handlebars are also strong as they are not bonded to the handles. They, in fact, form a portion of the alloy handle itself. This guarantees that these stay cold grip bars are strong and endures longer than usual pots.

The 60-micron oxide coating allows the pressure cooker to take up heat quicker thereby saving extra energy. The Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Aluminium Pressure Cooker can be utilized to cook on gas stoves. It has a curved body which makes stirring food very easy. Planned with a wide opening, this cooker gives you a clear sight of its contents. Vegetables, rice as well as meats can cook faster and that too in a short time with this aluminium Contura pressure cooker. You can cook a meal for at least 3-4 people with the help of this pressure cooker.


  • Hard oxidized coated body with stainless steel cover
  • The black body helps to heal faster
  • Will not corrode or even react with food
  • Can remove food easily.

3). Prestige Deluxe Plus Baby Induction Base Hard Anodized Outer Lid Pressure Handis

Prestige Deluxe Plus Baby Induction Base

Deluxe Plus Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker gives you the comfort of aluminium cookers and the quality of anodization, making it scratch safe, recolour safe and stick safely. This pressure cooker accompanies induction base which can work in light of any heat source and empowers you to cook flavourful dishes sagaciously at the most elevated amount of security through its pressure marker which rises above the lid when the pressure inside turns to zero, giving an obvious sign to safely open the cooker. It is likewise stylishly attractive to even dish up at the table.

The ergonomic plan of the Prestige Deluxe Plus Hard Anodized Aluminium Baby Handi no doubt is the best pressure cooker brand and helps in taste retaining as well as flavours and nutrition of the food. Rich and valuable, this handi will add to the style quotient of your kitchen. Prestige has risen as India’s biggest kitchen machines organization and is a fraction of the renowned TTK Prestige group. In the course of recent decades, it has set up itself as a market pioneer in the home appliances spot, making it the favoured decision for a huge number of buyers in the nation. The brand prides itself on the security of its machines, development, and strength.


  • Pressure pointer
  • Induction base
  • Precision weight regulator
  • Guarded GRS
  • Comfy handles.

4). Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker

The all-new Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus pressure cooker accompanies a hard-anodized body and a rich stainless steel top. Which makes it an ideal addition to any kitchen? Its induction base is intended for even circulation of heat. Likewise, it additionally includes an implicit security marker as pressure pointers, safety plug and controlled gasket release framework. With the glass top, this pressure cooker can likewise be utilized to serve. So purchase and bring home the Deluxe Duo Plus weight cooker, it’s yet another Prestige item you can trust.


  • Lid made of stainless steel and glass
  • Long-lasting handles
  • Ladle holder
  • Hard oxidized coated body

5). Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

This Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker is a balanced decision for customers on a financial plan. Strong anodized material guarantees life span and unwavering quality even with constant usage. A few clients even imagine that this pressure cooker makes a superior general work with regards to cooking constantly than ones made with different sorts of material. In spite of the fact that it’s not dishwasher safe, this pressure cooker can be easily cleaned due to its non-stick exterior.

A wonderful mix of frame and capacity, Futura is the best aluminum pressure cooker and the only one on the planet to have been exhibited by The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Futura cooks all things on an average 46% quicker than a microwave. The delightful, strong dark finish has two advantages. It makes the pressure cooker assimilate heat quicker making it more vitality proficient. The only one of its kind pressure-controlling framework gives you the comfort of fingertip pressure discharge and avoids obstructing the steam vent. The twofold thick base remains flat, warms uniformly and is perfect for light frying before pressure cooking. Appropriate for gas, electric, halogen and ceramic cooktops.


  • Hard oxidized coating body plus stainless steel cover.
  • The black body helps in heating things faster.
  • Will not rust or oppose food.
  • The thick base stays flat, appropriate for all cooktops apart from induction.

What is the Steps Buying Guide for the Pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers are one of the most common kitchen appliances in India. There are many benefits of using a pressure cooker like it will save you time, it retains more vitamins and minerals as less water is required and there is no problem of oxidization during the cooking process. Apart from these, there are many other benefits of using a pressure cooker. But you will be able to reap all its benefits when you have the best pressure cooker in India. So, if you want to know how to pick the best pressure cooker, then here is a small buying guide for buying pressure cookers. Along with that, we have also added information about the need for a pressure cooker.

Buying Guide for Pressure Cooker:

The Capacity:

The first point is the capacity of the pressure cooker that you are choosing. You will have to choose the capacity based on the size of the family. You can find pressure cookers with a capacity of 0.5 litres to 10 litres as well. If you have a small family or a bachelor, you can go for a pressure cooker with three litres.

Type of Pressure Cooker:

The next important point is the type of pressure cooker you wish to make. You will find two types of pressure cookers like stovetop pressure cookers and electric pressure cookers. For using an electric pressure cooker, you will need electricity. You can easily connect it to the power socket and start using it. It is good for those who travel a lot. Stovetop pressure cookers again come in different types like the one compatible on gas stoves, induction stoves, ceramic stoves, or other kinds of stovetops. So, the choice is your choice.

The Material:

The next important point that you need to consider is the material used in the pressure cooker’s making. The most common material used in the making of the pressure cookers is stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel is rust-free and corrosion-free material. The pressure cookers made of stainless steel are durable and sturdy as well. When it comes to aluminum, they are good conductors of heat, and most Indians prefer aluminum cookers. Stainless steel is heavy, while aluminum is light in weight. But steel is long-lasting, and aluminum will not last long.

The Handle:

You should always choose a pressure cooker with a long handle that stays cool after cooking process. Usually, a pressure cooker is heavy, and after cooking, the weight of the food also adds up. It can be difficult for you to hold a hot pressure cooker when the handle is not strong and sturdy. So, do not neglect the handle part when looking for pressure cookers.

Easy of Cleaning:

Your pressure cookers will save a lot of time for you when compared to the traditional cooking style. But if the cleaning process takes a lot of time, it is of no use. You should pick a pressure cooking that is easy to clean. Some of the models are dishwasher safe, and choosing such models will save a lot of time for you.

Why Need a Pressure Cooker?

Now it is time to look at why you need a pressure cooker in your kitchen.

They are Faster:

One of the main reasons why most of us get a pressure cooker home is they are faster. When compared to other cooking methods, you can finish cooking in a very short time. Usually, if it takes around 50 minutes to 60 minutes to cook a particular dish, you will be able to cook the same dish in 10 minutes to 15 minutes in your pressure cooking. So, you are saving more than half of the time.

Saves Money:

As discussed above, you will be able to cook food in less than half of the time you usually spend making a particular dish. That means you are saving fuel or energy by cooking faster. That will again help you save a lot of money that you need to pay for fuel or electricity.

More Nutrients:

You might have heard people saying that high heat and pressure inside the pressure cooker can kill the minerals and vitamins present in the food. But that is not at all true. As you can cook in less time and with less water, you will be able to retain more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the food you cook using the pressure cookers. You are cooking food by completely closing the cooker, and so there is no chance for the nutrients to escape from the pot.

Less Cleaning:

Another reason why you need a pressure cooker is less cleaning. When you are cooking without a lid, there are a lot of spills, splatter, and crumbs. But with a pressure cooker, you will cook food by fully covering it, so there will not be any spills and splatters. So, you need not have to clean around the stovetop and kitchen counter.

More Flavor:

When the food is cooked with a lid on it, then the aroma of all the ingredients and spices will stay inside the pot. They do not escape out of the pot. So, you will be able to enjoy more flavorful food. Also, when you are not adding a lot of water to the food, there will be a loss of flavor. But in a pressure cooker, very little water is added. That means your food is going to taste better and more yummy.

Ease of Use:

This is one of the main reasons why you get a pressure cooker and why you need one, ease of use. You just need to add all the ingredients to the pressure cooker add the required amount of water and close the lid. That is all you will do, and the rest will be taken care of by the cooker itself.

So, that was some information about why you need a pressure cooker and how to choose one. Go through the information and check out the best price pressure cooker for your kitchen.


We have provided a perfect guide for people who are looking for a pressure cooker. You can go with any of the above-mentioned brands and have tasty food at the home. Every kitchen needs a good pressure cooker to cook food or to boil something. For more updates, keep visiting us.

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