How to Repair Ceiling Fan Motor? – Here is Tutorial

How to Repair Ceiling Fan Motor? – Here is Tutorial

There are so many ways to know about the fan, I mean ceiling fans, but let’s say that, over many years, what we have encountered is that our ceiling fan keeps on troubling now and then we never learned from our experiences about how to fix them. Here in the article, we have come up with some very frequently asked and appearing troubleshooting problems in the ceiling fan and, most commonly, how to identify them.


Ceiling Fan Motor

A best ceiling fan is one of the most underestimated appliances in our homes and offices. They provide us with cool air throughout the summer months, but most fail to consider them and look after them like other appliances. Due to lack of maintenance, a ceiling fan can encounter several problems, and one of them is the ceiling fan not spinning. There are many causes and solutions for this problem. Some of them are:

#1 Blown Motor Capacitor

One of the common reasons you have a ceiling fan that won’t spin is a blown motor capacitor. The motor capacitor may burn out due to either overheating or age. If you have been using the fan for a long time, then the chances of this may increase.

The only solution is to replace the motor capacitor either by yourself or by contacting a professional. To check the capacitor, you must first remove the motor housing. The capacitor is a little black box that is connected to the pull cord. You will detect the blown capacitor just by looking at it, as it will seem melted or burnt.

#2 Broken Flywheel

Though rare, one of the causes of a ceiling fan that won’t spin is a broken flywheel. In some of the models of ceiling fans, the blades are attached with a rubber flywheel rather than the motor itself. Due to constant usage and over some time, the flywheel may become weak and brittle. This may cause it to break. In such a situation, the motor would still be working or running, but the blades may not be spinning.

The solution, in this case, is the replacement of the flywheel. This should be done through a professional.

#3 Frozen Bearings

Another common reason for a ceiling fan that won’t spin is frozen bearings. The bearings present inside the motor may have got stuck or frozen, which may thus not be allowing the blades to spin. Even if you push the edges by hand, they won’t move if this is the cause or case.

It is true that bearings can be replaced, but it is recommended to change or replace the fan altogether for better results.

#4 Check the Power

Sometimes power failure or problem with the power button could be the reason for a ceiling fan that won’t spill. Thus you must make sure the fan is receiving power to function. You can either use a multimeter to check for continuity or call an electrician to help you check the power.

Now that you know the various reasons and solutions for a ceiling fan that won’t spin, you can solve the issue independently. But if you have no previous experience with electrical wires or connections, it is better to take the help of a professional.

Knowing about the problems and solutions is not essential; you should know how to execute them well. You are not a professional technician, if you remember, so stay safe and call the professionals if required in the further sessions. As you already know about the problems and the solutions even.

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