Crompton Ceiling Fan brand in India 2022

Crompton Ceiling Fan brand in India 2022

When it comes to searching for ceiling fans in India there are tons of brands available. One of such brands is Crompton. The fans of these brands are considered as one of the oldest as well as reliable brands in India. The fans can reach the requirement list of consumers as they have many options that include Crompton high-speed fans as well.

Why Crompton is the Best Brand for Ceiling Fans in India?

cromptonIf you are wondering as to why Crompton is considered one of the best brands for ceiling fans in India, we have jotted down a few of them below and discussed respectively:

  • Variety of models

Inevitably, the most vital factor when it comes to ceiling fans is having access to a wide range of varieties so that the best Crompton ceiling fan can be picked. There was a time when ceiling fans only served the purpose of cooling but in contrast to this as of now, along with providing the cooling effect, it is a must that the fan must give out an elegant look to create a positive vibe around the environment.

This is why the availability of multiple designs, colours, shapes, sizes, and styles in Crompton makes it one of the best choices for ceiling fans. Furthermore, Crompton high-speed fans are also available that helps consumers to easily use them. When one is shopping from Crompton, they will thus have the access to buy from a wide variety of models.

  • E-sense

When it comes to E-sense technology, Crompton is the first brand that has introduced it in India. As in India, during summer times the temperature keeps on fluctuating, the fan must adjust its speed based upon the temperature in the room.

Thus, the best Crompton ceiling fan comes with this very technology which ensures that one doesn’t have to keep moving just to adjust the speed of the fan.

  • Anti-dust coating

Maintaining the ceiling fan is a much more complicated task than it seems. This is why a Crompton high-speed fan makes this process simpler as it comes with the mode of anti-dust coating which means that the fan won’t let any kind of dust settle on it. Thus, it is assumed that the consumers will be able to clean and maintain the Crompton fan easily.

  • All-round air gliding technology

This is another reason why it is said that the Best Crompton ceiling fans are available in India. In the case of normal fans, the air will be regulated in certain parts of the room only, thus emphasizing that it has a definite diameter that allows the air to circulate.

But this is not what happens in the case of Crompton fans as the ceiling fans have blades that are infused with aerodynamic technology or even 360-degree air gliding technology. The purpose of such blades is to bend them slightly upward enabling the fan to cover the utmost area of the room.

The Crompton brand was first started by an engineer from Britain but after independence, it was acquired by the Thapar group, our very Indian group. It has been 130 years since Crompton has been in the market and is still considered one of the best brands.

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