Crompton Greaves or Havells Fans – Which is Better?

Crompton Greaves or Havells Fans – Which is Better?

Fans come in various shapes, sizes and models. Numerous brands in the market deal with the manufacture of fans. Different brands deal with different types, designs, styles and models of fans. The names of a few of the brands that deal with the manufacturer of fans are Crompton and Havells. In this article, we will discuss both the brands and will conclude as to which brand is better and why.

Crompton Greaves Fans

Crompton Greaves that are famously known as Crompton is one of the trusted and oldest names when it comes to discussing the consumer appliances segment. In terms of sales, Crompton has managed to bag the best ceiling fan brand in the market. Though it was formerly founded by a British engineer, later it was acquired by Thapar Group and this acquisition took place after the independence.

Crompton has raised the bar in terms of durability, product quality as well as performance. Not just that, when it comes to manufacturing household electrical appliances, Crompton is recognized as one of the very first large-scale manufacturers of them. The ranges of fans that Crompton offers include a table, pedestal, ceiling, wall-mounted and more.

Best Crompton Ceiling Fans

Crompton Greaves FansSpeedInput PowerWarrantyPrice in India
Crompton HS Plus 370 RPM53W2 Years
Crompton Aura 380 RPM74W2 Years
Crompton Decora370 RPM70W2 Years
Crompton Hill Briz370 RPM75 W2 Years
Crompton Silent Pro315 RPM42W2 Years

Havells Fans

Havells has earned a very quick reputation in the Indian market through the help of commercials that are centered on problems generally faced by middle-class people. The main focus of Havells is on the average problem of the consumers through innovation thus making its place in one of the finest fan brands in the Indian market.

There are few ranges of fans from Havells that need continuous maintenance to keep them clean. Thus, this ensures that maintaining the Havells fans will not be quite easy as a result of which consumers need to take proper measures. Furthermore, when the ordinary range of ceiling fans are compared then it is obtained that the price of BLDC fans of Havells are quite higher than what one should have expected.

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Crompton or Havells ?

Usha New Trump 1200mmCrompton is referred to as the topmost preferred Indian brand when it comes to buying ceiling fans as one out of every four fans carry the tag of Crompton. So, in terms of best, the Crompton ceiling fan is the winner. The reason why Crompton is better than Havells is that: –

  • Design

It has a varied diversity when it comes to design as only then the consumers will have lots of options from which they can select their preference.

  • RF Remote

The majority of the fans that operate on remotes utilize infrared technology and for using this type of remote, people have to align and hence point the mouse in the very direction of the fan. In contrast to the RF remote in Crompton’s Avancer series, the remote can be used from literally any part of the room irrespective of the orientation.

  • Dominant motor

In the case of the brand-new range of best crompton ceiling fan, they come with a dynamic dominant motor that consists of a double ball bearing as it guarantees the smooth functioning of ceiling fans.

Thus, both the brands are very unique and have managed to get a respectable spot in the Indian market but when it comes to the comparison of different functions, Crompton is considered a better brand for fans than Havells.

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