[Review] Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero Kitchen Chimney

[Review] Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero Kitchen Chimney

Every modular kitchen requires a stylish and efficient modular chimney as it will provide you a relief from the unwanted smokes, fumes, and dirt. A perfect kitchen chimney will save your precious tiles from the unwanted sticky fumes. It can also suck all the kitchen smokes instantly and thus make your kitchen smokeless along with smell free.

Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero Kitchen Chimney Review

Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero

A high rating kitchen chimney also prevents the roofs and walls from turning black. So, you have to choose that type of kitchen chimney that is featured with powerful suction capacity. Modular kitchen chimneys can instantly suck the entire aroma of vapor of the food and make your kitchen fresh and pollution-free.

Kitchen chimneys are really aesthetically appealing and enhance the beauty of your kitchen to a great extent. But, now an important question can arise which kitchen chimney can fulfill all of your requirements? All of your requirements can be perfectly fulfilled by Elica’s ESCG BF 60 NERO Kitchen Chimney as it is featured with a world-class and advanced design that will fully change your overall cooking experience. Some impressive features of this kitchen chimney are described below:

Elica’s ESCG BF 60 NERO Kitchen Chimney is a reputed and reliable name in the field of Kitchen Chimney and it has the ability to make your kitchen the most beautiful and stylish space in your home. It is well-equipped with energy-efficient and soothing LED lights for providing a perfect view of its built-in hob. KEN 60 PB BF is associated with an incredible ultra-shiny steel panel. The stunning features- powerful Perimetric suction, impressive design, and low noise levels have made this kitchen chimney an incredible gift for your kitchen.

With the stunning design of the Glace kitchen chimney, you can truly enhance the look of your modular kitchen. In the everyday kitchen, you probably experience lots of hassles, and Elica’s ESCG BF 60 NERO kitchen chimney can give you relief from these hassles. If you expose yourself continuously to the smoke along with strong aromas, then it can affect your health and so this particular chimney is developed to fulfill all of your needs.

It will give you a strong performance always. This kitchen chimney has come with one year warranty and its Motor has come with 5-year Warranty. Metal Grease Filters, Rotor- all of these parts are covered under its warranty. Each and every electronic part is associated with the warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchasing and glass is not categorized under warranty. Its suction capacity implies the maximum capacity of the airflow of the assembly of its motor group that runs at the optimal level involved with approx +/- 5%variation.

Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero Feature Details:

Baffle Filter:

This chimney is developed and designed in such a way that it is completely capable to reduce your cleaning time. You just have to wash its oil collector bowels one time a month (it is dependent on your usage). You don’t have to put any extra effort into cleaning its oil collectors.

Push Button Panel:

This kitchen chimney is featured with the incredible and latest push-button control panel with which you can easily access each and every feature of this chimney. ESCG BF 60 Touch Nero kitchen chimney is really easy-to-use in order to make your kitchen clean and fresh without any mess.


This Elica chimney can match with any type of kitchen style and it also helps to add great functional worth to your kitchen. It is a robust product and it can adjust itself in a smaller space also. This small but powerful kitchen chimney will provide the true joy of cooking.

Max Air Flow (1100 m^3/Hr):

This chimney has come with an (1100 m^3/Hr) suction capacity. It is really providing an impressive addition to your kitchen. This kitchen chimney provides you comfier as well as it helps the kitchen stay clean and fresh and as this kitchen chimney is less noisy, energy-efficient, and low on maintenance.

LED Lamps:

It is involved with 2 LED lamps (inbuilt) along with 3 Watt of power consumption capability for one’s convenience. So, from now onwards, you don’t have to face light issues during cooking.

Power Efficient:

It is associated with a perfect design and durability that have made it greatly effective. This kitchen chimney is also very affordable and budget-friendly.

So, with Elica’s ESCG BF 60 NERO Kitchen Chimney, you can easily improve the interior and quality of your kitchen without much concern about your electricity bill. If you want to make your kitchen smell free, smokeless, and fresh, then you should purchase a kitchen chimney for your modular kitchen.

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