Hand Wash vs Washing Machine Wash – Which one Is Better?

Hand Wash vs Washing Machine Wash – Which one Is Better?

Society has been developed day by day and people are becoming busier with that. Most of the people irrespective of their gender hardly get sufficient time for doing household works. So, ready-made electric appliances are now high in demand. These appliances help to do most of the household works quickly and efficiently without creating any mess. The washing machine is one of the most sought-after appliances in every household.

Hand Wash vs Washing Machine Wash

Hand Wash vs Washing Machine Wash
Hand washing is not compatible in some cases and it is a very time-consuming as well as a tedious job. The washing machine can perform the particular work with delicacy and you don’t need to worry about your clothes at all. But, before purchasing, you should choose your desired washing machine minutely considering the required operating modes. The washing machine is a very efficient machine and nowadays, fully automatic front loading washing machines are available that will ease your cleaning job more smartly.

Types of Washing Machine

Basically, there are two types of washing machines: Front Loading and Top Loader. These are discussed as follows:

Front Loading: 

Due to a specialized design that is associated with an open door in front, the particular washing machine is known as Front Loading. You just have to open the door and put your clothes on it. In this particular type of washing machine, you don’t need to bow or bend down. The particular type of washing machine performs the cleaning work more efficiently. The wash cycle associated with this washing machine is very fast. After the completion of the cleaning process, the clothes will be almost dry. The particular washing machine is associated with two impressive functions such as drying function and easy iron function. They take a bit of water for washing. The price of this kind of washing machine is quite high.

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Top Loader:

Front Loading the washing machine was that type of the washing machine that was invented before any other types. It is quite affordable as its price is cheap. But this type of washing machine causes a lot of noise in the time of washing. It takes more energy and water than the front-loading washing machine. But nowadays, people are more focused on green living.

Advantages of Washing Machine

The advantages of the washing machine are as follows:


The washing machine saves a significant amount of time than hand washing. Though the washing cycles of the washing machines are associated with much time, you don’t need to wash at all. You just have to put your clothes into your machine and press the start button as well as the function button and then start the wash cycle. When your clothes are in a washing state, you can do your other important works such as cooking, cleaning your house, etc. You don’t need to wait for a long time for drying your clothes as the washing process left very little water on the clothes. On the other hand, hand washing takes a lot of time in the overall process.


Hand washing is associated with the pitching, rinsing, wring, and cleaning of clothes. So, it takes a lot of energy in the overall handwashing process. With a washing machine, you don’t have to do all these. On your behalf, it can handle all of the works associated with cleaning.


There are various sizes and styles are available on washing machines that can easily fit your home. If you have less space, then you can choose the washing machine of small or medium size and if you have large space, then you can choose a larger one.


Washing machines are associated with different cycles based on the amount of clothing as well as the type of clothes you want to put on it. You can select the heavy cycle for heavier clothing or the light cycle for less clothing. For silk or wool clothes, you have to choose the vapor cycle. The washing machine will remove all the stains from your clothes easily and efficiently.

The Washing machine is one of the biggest inventions of science that saves a lot of time and energy, especially for housewives. Hand washing is associated with lots of tedious work, but with the help of a washing machine, you can easily clean your clothes. You need not stand in front of your washing machine all time, but in the case of handwashing, all the works need to be done by you. Some washing machines are associated with energy efficiency and less water consumption features. These particular types may be costly. But, in the long run, consumers will be highly benefited by them. So, the washing machine is definitely better than hand washing.

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