Review of Philips Daily Collection HR1459 (Philips Hand Blender)

Review of Philips Daily Collection HR1459 (Philips Hand Blender)

Hand blenders are also known as immersion blenders that can be an absolutely handy and easy-to-use gadget for your kitchen. You can make single drinks or pureeing soups in which the large blenders can make an inconvenience. Certain hand blender brands are associated with one chopping blade with which you can easily and simply chop small quantities of vegetables, onions, etc, and also it can be associated with a whisk in order to whip egg whites or for making mayonnaise. You should not confuse between hand blenders and hand mixers.

Philips Daily Collection HR1459

You can assemble your Best hand blender of 2022 as per the instructions of the manufacturer. Most of the immersion blenders are associated with an upper part along with a lower attachment part that is screwed or snapped together. If the hand blender is operated with the battery, then you have to make sure that the batteries get charged before using.

You can make delicious food items with your hand blender. At first, you have to mix fresh fruit, milk, or juice along with ice in one glass. Now, immerse your blender in that glass and then turn its switch in a high mode. Blend it, until it gets smooth.

You can also use the hand blender for blending ingredients in your pan in order to get pureed or creamy vegetables or tasty fruit soups or baby food. You have to simply cook your favorite fruits or vegetables until it gets soft. Now, immerse the hand blender, then turn on it and then puree it until smooth.

You can use your immersion blender for making lump-free smooth gravy. Just combine the required gravy ingredients onto the pan for blending it until gets smooth.

So, you can easily understand how much a hand blender can be helpful for you in your kitchen chores. Now, an important question possibly arises that amongst lots of hand blender brands, which one you should choose. Today, we will discuss the Philips Daily Collection HR1459 hand blender that will surely fulfill your expectation.

Now, all of your mixings, kneading, and whisking tasks will be effortless and easy with this advanced hand blender in your kitchen. The specific hand blender is equipped with top-class and dedicated five-speed settings from which you can select as per the type of dish you are going to prepare.

Product Description:

You can also bake delicious cakes along with mouth-watering dips with this brand new hand blender. With the help of such a handy appliance, one can mix, knead, and whisk with ease.

Very powerful Motor of 300 W:

It is powered by a motor that has a capacity of 300 W. This hand blender can perfectly whip, beat, and knead.

5 Speed Plus Turbo:

This superb appliance is featured with 5 speed incredible settings along with an impressive turbo feature. This particular blender enables an individual to prepare lots of recipes, such as Toscana bread, knead batter, and mayonnaise dip. If anyone wants to prepare a smooth and fine paste by mixing all the ingredients together, then he/she should press as well as hold the specific turbo button at the time of processing.

Stainless Steel Strip Beater along with Dough Hooks:

It is perfectly designed and developed with strip beaters that are made with stainless steel and also it is featured with dough hooks that have made this appliance very easy to clean and use.

Cord Storage Clip:

This appliance is equipped with one clip in order to wrap along with store the specific chord after using.


The overall package includes a hand mixer, Stainless steel strip beaters, and Stainless steel dough hooks.

Price and Warranty:

The price of this particular product is Rs. 2,195.00 and it has come with 2 years warranty on the product.

Durable Body:

It is associated with a sturdy build and impressive quality. It is designed with the strong Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic material that is equipped with a melting point of 105 degrees Celsius. With its powerful 300 watts motor, its durability has been increased tremendously.

Less Noisy:

This particular hand blender produces lesser sound when you will going to operate this and it is a very big benefit in homes where toddlers are living.

Easy Cleaning:

It is featured with an amazing beater ejector that makes the cleaning a completely trouble-free experience. One has to just press a button and the beaters are going to be ejected easily. Thus, one can clean as well as store it in a separate manner. One can also put its attachments in the sink and then simply clean it with a soap solution.

So, now with Philips Daily Collection HR1459, your cooking experience will get increased tremendously.

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