A Simple Guide to How a Split Air Conditioner Works?

A Simple Guide to How a Split Air Conditioner Works?

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Summers can spike the temperature so high that it can sometimes become tough for you to survive without an air conditioner. An air conditioner has become one of the most needed commodities in our household. It will help in regulating both humidity and temperature in the room. There are different air conditioners available in the present market, and split air conditioners are one of the most popular options for your house.

It got the name split air conditioner because it has two parts – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. They help to keep the heat outside and cooling inside. This is done by placing the blowers and evaporation coils in the inner unit and condensing coils and compressor on the outer unit.

But with two units placed at such a long distance from each other, did you anytime think about how split AC works? If your answer is YES, then this article is exactly about split AC working.

Here is How a Split Air Conditioner Works:

  • In the outdoor unit of the split air condition, you will be able to find refrigerants. Refrigerant means a gas that is pressurized and fed into the compressor of the air conditioner.
  • The ducts that are present in the air conditioner unit will help in the flow of this refrigerant.
  • The tubes or ducts will condense the gas into liquid form.
  • The liquid is present in the pressurized form only and will keep moving through the tubes till they reach the expansion joint.
  • As the liquid reaches the expansion joint, it will be again covert into a gas state, and also, the pressure on the liquid starts to reduce.
  • During this pressure reduction process, there is also the release of a large amount of heat, so the gas becomes cooler through split air conditioner working.
  • So, this gas in a very cool state will help cool the air in the room and convert the air to a very low temperature. That is the reason this is called a refrigerant.
  • The gas keeps flowing through the compressor, and the process keeps repeating to provide you with cool air in the room.
  • In simple words, the air in the room will pass through the evaporating coils, and they contain cool gas. That makes the air in the room cool.
  • The air conditioner container blowers and they help in blowing or pushing the cool air back into the room.

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The air circulation process in and out of the air conditioner repeats so that the temperature of the room reaches the temperature that you have set on the air conditioner. This is the basic working principle of split AC. When the air conditioner reaches the desired temperature, the apparatus inside the air conditioner will shut off automatically.

The working condition of any air conditioner is more or less the same. The only difference with this air conditioner is it comes with two units. The evaporation coil and the blowers are connected to the outside unit with the help of tubes. It is very important to understand the split AC parts and functions to know more about the air conditioner and its working.

The main split AC parts name list will be provided to you on the unit when you buy it. The expansion joint, condenser coil, compressor, and vent fan are the outdoor unit’s main parts. The indoor unit contains filters, blowers, and evaporation coils. There is a thermostat present inside the indoor unit, which helps control indoor and outdoor units.

Split air conditioners are much more effective than any other kind of air conditioner, and that is one of the main reasons you find split air conditioners in most houses. A split air conditioner comes with a large compressor and so it will be able to cool a large area compared to the window air conditioners. The same compressor can be used along with other ducting or ductless units, and hence it is very beneficial. They come in two individual units and so it is very easy to maintain them. One unit is easily mounted on the wall, and the other unit is placed outside the house.

Split air conditioners are very efficient, and hence they are the best choice for many. So, this was how a split air conditioner works.

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