About Us – IamDeepa.co.in

About Us – IamDeepa.co.in

Want to know who runs this blog? Here is some information about the IamDeepa Blog. Do read and share your comments.

About Us – IamDeepa.co.in

This blog, as the name suggest, is solely run by Deepa. Hi readers, i am deepa , i live in Bhopal and i love to surf internet. I love to read more about kitchen, cooking, recipe and on many more topics. I am information hungry person, i start my day with reading on internet.

So, i turned my hobby into profession and now i provide reviews of kitchen appliance and Home appliance on this blog, and also provide kitchen tips. Also, I am soon gonna start providing kitchen dishes recipe. If you are interested to learn more dishes, you can subscribe to our RSS list and receive notification about our daily feeds on different dishes.

I provide reviews based on the the appliance i try at home. For example, if i had done buying gas stove, i would post the reviews of top 10 best gas stove and help other buyers of India.So, they can also get value of their money and don’t end up buying wrong product. I do detail research before posting any reviews, so, if you have any question or query, you can comment on the post page and let me know.

If you want to contact me for any reason, you can use the contact me form at your right hand side (bottom) and fill the form.

Thank you,