Top 7 Best Treadmills in India for Home Use 2022 – [Expert Reviews]

Top 7 Best Treadmills in India for Home Use 2022 – [Expert Reviews]

A treadmill is featured with various benefits and you are probably searching for a good treadmill. However, among the various brands, it might be difficult for you to select the best treadmill in India. After corona, it’s very risky to go out side home for exercise (at gym and health club), in that case, its better to just stay at home and do exercise at home with best treadmill for home use. That’s only wise decision. if you are also looking such equipment with which you can do exercise at home, just look at the below list of treadmills, and their review.

Best Treadmill in India 2022 For Home Use

Treadmill NameRunning BeltWith Display?WarrantyPrice in India
Powermax Fitness 23050"x 16.5"Yes1 year
AGARO Spark Treadmill1260 x 420 MMYes1 year
Kobo TM-2011260 x 420 MMYes1 year
Powermax Fitness 26051"x 18"Yes1 year
Quantico FS Treadmill1260 x 420 MMYes1 year
Lifeline 4 in 11260 x 420 MMNO1 year
Lifeline LYSN52131260 x 420 MMNO1 year

The following reviews about the best treadmill are described below: –

#1 Powermax Fitness TDA-230

Powermax Fitness TDA-230

The TDA – 230 motorized treadmill has been designed by Powermax Fitness. It is a perfect solution for having an outstanding gym workout at the home along with the office. The 2.0 HP Continuous Motor provides a convenient and smooth ride in times when the LCD display helps to track your distance, speed, time, heartbeat, calories burned along fat measurement.

The extraordinary performance and features that have been shown through this treadmill, have been attracted a large number of customers.

The Attractive Features of one of the Best Treadmill in India are as follows:-

Made for Home:

The TDA – 230 is a compact, lightweight, and foldable treadmill that is offering a convenient and appropriate space-saving solution to create a home gym.


It is a reliable and quiet 2.0 HP DC motor along with the Green Efficient Technology that consumes less than 1-unit for 1 hour.

Soft Drop System along with Storage:

The TDA – 230 is well equipped with unique foldable property along with the soft hydraulic release that is helpful to store the treadmill effortlessly in children’s room, bedroom, or slides under that room’s bed when it is not used, thanks to its space-saving feature. By pushing its Yellow button, its running board can be descended slowly. It is helpful to prevent back injuries.

It is featured with a safety lock hold that prevents it from falling over while it is stored in the upright position. The transport wheels have made it easy-to-move and more convenient.

Auto Inclination:

The Auto inclination property is helpful in the inclination or declination of the running board from 0-15% on a single command. It is associated with Speed along with the auto inclination Control Key on the handrail.

Auto Lubrication:

Auto Lubrication lubricates the running belt and ensures smooth movement and zero friction of the running belt. It is helpful in increasing the running belt and motor life.

Broad Running Belt:

It featured a spacious running belt associated with a size of 50″x 16.5″. It helps the users to accommodate easily in times of running and provides the full range of motion rather than feeling or uncomfortable or crammed during the exercise. Its Belt featured with Multi-ply polyester satin weave along with a PVC non-slip surface with a thickness of 1.8mm. Its running board (double layer) is designed with a high-density board with a thickness of 16mm.


It featured steel crowned and precision-machined rollers that are involved with the dynamic balancing keeping the belt centered along with ensuring the running belt’s smooth movement and increasing the life of the running belt and bearings.

Six Level Shock Absorption:

It is equipped with 6 big springs that are helpful in absorbing the shocks in times of running on the treadmill and reducing stress by 30 to 40% as compared to running in the outdoors. It is featured with 2 Extra PowerFlex large springs that provide assistance.

This treadmill also featured with Display, Music, Life Time Frame Warranty, Maximum User Weight Capacity, and Installation & Service Support.

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#2 AGARO Spark Motorized Treadmill

AGARO Spark Motorized Treadmill

This Best Treadmill in India Features are as follows:

Its Running Area is 1260 x 420 MM and the Run Belt is featured with a Multi-ply polyester satin weave along with a PVC non-slip surface of 1.8mm thickness.

Its Rollers are Precision-machined and Steel crowned rollers.

Its Max User Weight is 115 kg. With the Wide LCD Display, you will be able to see the Speed, Time, Calories, Distance, and Pulse Rate. It is equipped with 12 No. of programs.

The particular Treadmill is well equipped with superior quality speakers, and Audio input interface along with App system in order to connect & control the treadmill with the mobile through Bluetooth.

It is featured with 2.0HP continuous duty (CHP) DC motor that is sufficient for the user weight up to 120Kg. It has a 2.0HP CHP motor. It is consuming less power, 1 unit for a one-hour duration of usage because it is a green efficient motor.

This specific treadmill does not require extra special skill and ability for installation, as it has come 95% preinstalled could be installed by himself as the company does not give any sort of installation or demo.

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#3 Kobo TM-201 Motorized Treadmill



Kobo TM-201 Motorized Treadmill

The Features of this Kobo TM-201 Treadmill are as follows:-

HP DC Motor:

The treadmill featured a 2 HP DC motor that has made it prominent and convenient during recurrent power cuts. With the sake of a 2 HP motor, this particular treadmill helps in maintaining the constant speed for an effective and efficient run.

Wide Speed Range:

The treadmill’s speed ranges from 1-14 km/hr that has made it appropriate for beginners as well as advanced like runners.

Wide Running Surface along with Rubber Cushion:

It is well equipped with a running belt of length 1200 mm along with a width of 420 mm. The specific treadmill is providing a generous surface for running on. The surface made with a rubber cushion to let you run comfortably.

LCD Display with Six Functions: With an effective LCD display, you can easily check the distance, time, and speed. Besides these all parameters, you can effortlessly view hand pulse, calories burnt along the running inclination.

Eight Workout Programs:

With the help of its eight workout programs, one can work out at different levels.

Grip Pulse Sensor:

This best treadmill in India for home use is involved with a grip pulse sensor, which senses the pulse rate and then displays it on the LCD screen.

Safety Lock System:

This treadmill featured a safety lock system through which it can be stopped in the emergency time and thus accidents along with injuries can be prevented.

Foldable with Wheels:

This treadmill is cylinder-foldable that has made it easy-to-store, particularly in smaller spaces. It can be effortlessly transported from one place to another.

#4 Powermax Fitness TDA-260

Powermax Fitness TDA-260

The TDA – 260 motorized treadmill is a very useful gift from Powermax Fitness for all fitness lovers. It is a one-stop solution for gaining a type of gym workout in your comfort zone. The 2.0 HP Continuous Motor is offering a smooth and efficient ride. Its Color Touch display will track your time, distance, calories burned, speed, fat measurement, and heartbeat. Its unique outstanding performance and features have attached many fitness lovers. It can be considered the best treadmill in India.

Some of the amazing features of this Powermax Fitness TDA-260 treadmill are as follows:-

Designed for Home:

The TDA – 260 is a compact, lightweight, and foldable treadmill that is offering the perfect and appropriate space-saving solution for one’s home gym.


It is well equipped with a reliable and quiet 2.0 HP DC motor along with the Green Efficient Technology that uses less than 1-unit for the duration of 1 hour.

Soft Drop System and Storage:

The TDA – 260 is equipped with a unique foldable feature along with the soft hydraulic release that is helpful in storing the treadmill in the bedroom easily. It can be stored in a children’s room or it can slide under the bed (while you are not using it) with its space-saving feature. It is featured with safety locks for holding the treadmill in the folded position that will prevent the particular machine from falling (while it is stored in the upright position). The transport wheels have made it more useful, convenient, and easy-to-move around many places.

Auto Inclination:

This amazing feature is helpful in the inclination or declination of the particular running board from 0-15% on the single command. It is featured with Speed along with an auto inclination Control Key on the handrail.

Broad Running Belt: 

It has a spacious running belt with the size of 51″x 18″ that is capable to accommodate the user easily in times of running.


It is steel crowned and precision-machined rollers (along with the dynamic balancing) that are helpful in keeping the belt in the center. It also ensures smooth movement for the running of the belt. It is helpful in increasing the life of the bearings along with a running belt.


It featured the 7″ Color Touch screen that displays speed, time, calories, distance, Fat + BMI measurement, and heart rate. Its 12 preset workout programs help the users for setting the variable exercise mode for endurance training, weight loss training and its speed can automatically that is depending on the selected program.

Powermax Fitness TDA-260 featured with Music, Life Time Frame Warranty, Maximum User Weight Capacity, and Installation & Service Support.

#5 Quantico FS Treadmill

Quantico FS Treadmill

Three Level Manual Incline:

The treadmill surface could be manually inclined to the three levels for increasing or decreasing the steepness for various workout levels. This treadmill can be listed as the best treadmill in India.

The FS-385 motorized treadmill is designed by Quantico Global India Pvt Ltd. It is simply a wonderful solution for doing a workout at your convenient location.

The specific Quantico FS treadmill featured with following properties:-

  • Its 2.0 HP Continuous (4.0 HP Peak) Motor provides a convenient and smooth ride and its LCD display tracks the time, distance, calories burned, speed along heart rate. The unique features and great performance of this treadmill help in achieving the fitness goal for a person.
  • It is a compact, lightweight, and foldable treadmill providing sufficient space-saving feature for creating a perfect home gym.
  • It has come with a reliable and quiet 2.0 HP DC motor along with the Green Efficient Technology that takes less than 1 unit of electricity per hour.
  • This treadmill featured a Running area of 1260mm×420mm. It has an extraordinary foldable feature along with the hydraulic release, sliding, or children’s room under the bed whenever you are not using it.
  • Its LCD screen displays speed, time, heart rate, calories along fat and BMI measurement.
  • It has come with a safety lock that can hold the machine in the folded position and prevents its falling over when you have stored it in an upright position. It can be listed as the best treadmill in India 2022.

#6 Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual TreadmillLifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe

This Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Treadmill is Included with the Following Features:-

4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill:

You can bring home the extraordinary 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill that has been designed by Lifeline for experiencing an all-round fitness control. Its dynamic treadmill associates with a stepper along with a twister that is helpful in toning the abs and leg muscles along with panache. It can be referred to as the best manual treadmill in India.

User-friendly dashboard:

It has a user-friendly dashboard along with one electronic meter display. Its electronic meter involves pre-installed functions including distance, speed, time, calories, and pulse that helps to monitor the health and workout with finesse.

Wider Jogging Surface:

It has a wide jogging surface and the extra space provides the easy leg movement scope without any worry of unwanted space insufficiency.

Portable Treadmill:

You can run and jog with this treadmill in your preferred choice. This smart and outstanding treadmill featured wheels that enable one to transport this device from one space to another without any mess. This is a foldable treadmill and that is why it can be easily stored.

A twister for toning your muscles:

This ultra-modern treadmill featured a well-balanced twister.

This treadmill is also equipped with a wider jogging surface. It is an absolute portable treadmill. The particular treadmill can be regarded as the best treadmill for home use in India.

#7 Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual Treadmill


This Lifeline LYSN5213 Treadmill is Included with the Following Features:-

  • This unique and ultra-modern treadmill designed by a reputed, prominent, and reliable house of Lifeline. It is a perfect combination of good appearance and functionality.
  • It features a user-friendly dashboard along with the pre-installed functions including speed, scan, time, distance, pulse, and calories that are helpful in monitoring one’s health efficiently.
  • It is portable with the attached wheels and it is a great balance of strength and durability, as it featured solid steel frames.
  • This treadmill is equipped with a user-friendly dashboard along with an electronic meter.
  • It boasts a wider jogging surface.
  • This portable treadmill offers an efficient and smooth running motion.
  • Its durable design implies this treadmill’s longevity.
  • These can be regarded as the best treadmill brands in India.

Buying Guide for Best Treadmills

One of the best investments that any fitness enthusiast can make is buying a treadmill. Treadmills are a surefire way to commence your home work out journey. What’s better? Your entire family could reap the benefits of a treadmill at home without having to go to a gym. Moreover, there is no set time limit; you can workout at any time as per your convenience. It also eliminates monthly gym subscriptions. Today, the market is bustling with a wide variety of treadmills with robust features that suit different needs. Therefore, it becomes very important to understand what features suit your and your family’s requirements the best. Here are a few pointers you can keep in mind before you embark on your treadmill buying journey.

Choose to Purchase only from Top Brands:

The treadmill is an expensive product to invest in. It is recommended to purchase a treadmill only from the top brands in the market. Good brands serve the finest quality and provide the best service to ensure you get the best experience as you keep yourself fit. A few of the top brands that are highly recommended are Durafit, Powermax Fitness, Fitkit, MAXPRO, and Healthgenie. These are a few of the top brands; however, many other brands offer budget-friendly treadmills jam-packed with features!

Electric or Manual, What Treadmill do you Prefer?

Gyms usually have electronic treadmills that have motors built-in, which enable the mat to run so that you can synchronize your steps with it. Manual treadmills do not deploy an electric motor. So, all the hard work to ensure the treadmill runs is to be made by the user. In terms of price, manuals are much cheaper than electric ones. If your budget allows, it is advised to opt for an electronic treadmill.

What is the Running Area?

Nobody wants to buy a treadmill that is extremely cramped, not viable. It is critical to understand the area that is provided to make use of the treadmill. The bigger is the running area, the better the experience of working out. Make sure you check this as, at various platforms, the treadmills are non-returnable, which might cause a lot of future trouble for you.

How much power is being used in your electronic or motorized treadmill?

This is a critical point for people who are opting to purchase an electronic treadmill. Before you make your purchase always have an idea of how much it shoots up your electric bill. Confirming this will keep future problems at bay and save your money.

How Much Weight is Supported by the Treadmill?

A lot of people miss out on this. Treadmills are sturdy machines; however, they might still have a certain extent to how much weight they can hold up. Usually, there is an extensive range of 100 kg to 200 kg that differs from treadmill to treadmill. If you are obese, you should make sure that your treadmill can support your weight or not.

Do you want your treadmill to track your heart rate, calories, BMI, and pulse?

Modern treadmills are capable of doing so much now. The latest treadmills can even track your heart rate, BMI, pulse rate as well as calories burned. However, apart from the pulse rate, they cannot fetch out exact figures and might mislead at times. Since we should always have exact data in our hands, it is better to purchase an additional fitness tracker with your treadmill as it will provide you with precise data.

Do you Prefer Manual Incline or Auto Incline?

As you get fitter, it is important to enhance your strength by increasing how intense your workout is. You can do so by increasing speed. Another way to do it by increasing the intensity of the inclination while you workout. More incline results in a spike in the intensity of the workout. You can adjust your inclination either manually or automatically. Different treadmills offer different forms of adjusting. In automatic, it can happen with just a push of a button, and in the manual, you will have to exert efforts to change the inclination angle. Automatic adjustment ones are more pricy and than manual ones.

What are Your Speed Requirements?

Treadmills come with minimum and maximum speed limits. Treadmills feature a range of 14 Km to 20 Km per hour depending upon how strong it is. If you wish to run fast on a treadmill, you should purchase the fastest one to meet your requirements.

Maintenance and lubrication:

Every machine calls for proper maintenance and lubrication of its parts. In treadmills, the running area needs proper lubrication from time to time to ensure it runs perfectly. If that is not done, its rollers might rust and lead to several problems in the machine. There are various treadmills in the market that auto-lubricate themselves; however, few need regular maintenance. Always make sure you know what kind of treadmill you are buying. Most treadmills come with proper lubrication fluid.

What Budget Are you Going for?

Price plays a huge role in deciding what kind and quality of treadmill you will get your hands on. The goal should find the best match for your budget. Whether you are looking for the best treadmill in India under 25,000, you must convey your budget to the sales guy before he starts showing you the various options available. Or if you are opting to buy a treadmill online, you should add your budget requirements in the filter and look for products with the best reviews by customers. Better reviews mean that the treadmill lives up to its expectations.

Final words:

Buying a treadmill is the first step towards a fitter lifestyle. The information provided above will help you find the perfect treadmill for your budget like the best treadmill in India under 30,000 and your overall requirements. It is always good to have some information about the product before you start looking for them. That gives you a clear picture of what and where to look for when buying one. Hope our review help you to get the best treadmill for home use.

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