#3 Points To Consider while Buying Hand Blenders

#3 Points To Consider while Buying Hand Blenders

Hand blenders are one of the useful kitchen appliances that can be used in various preparations. It is heavily used to pure a number of foods including sauce, curry, chutney, etc. Its blade is capable to withstand the heating temperature and therefore, you can puree the food even inside your cooking pan. It greatly reduces your time and effort.

Points To Consider While Buying Hand Blenders

Hand Blenders

Hand blenders are used to prepare salad dressing, baby food, soup, smoothie, etc. With its different available blades, you can also whisk an egg, chop, or cream food like onion and garlic finely. Now, if you wish to buy a hand blender for your daily kitchen chores, then the following points can be helpful for you:

Immersion or Countertops:

Immersion blenders are also known as stick blenders. These are handheld small blenders linked to a rotating blade at the long stick’s end. These blenders are usually used to hand blender different ingredients in bowls or glasses. They work efficiently to puree a sauce or a soup etc.

Countertop blenders are designed for one’s countertop featured with a large jar that is linked to a stand containing the blender controls. These types of blenders are appropriate for smoothies and food or even crushing the ice.

These two types of blenders have some overlapping jobs but their size and appearance are widely varied.

Motor Wattage/Horsepower:

Blenders are associated with two variations in their horsepower. The first one is maximum or peak horsepower. This horsepower occurs whenever the blender is turned on and it is not the true horsepower in which it runs. The second one is rated horsepower that is considered as the steady horsepower that its motor could maintain.

Therefore, you have to be careful about the advertisement in which one brand can advertise their peak horsepower whereas another brand can advertise the true rated horsepower. You choose the appropriate blender without any confusion.

You can distinguish between the blender motors by directly searching for the wattage because it will show the exact power of the motor. You have to remember, one electrical horsepower equals 746 watts.

Available Controls:

The blenders are associated with the variations in their available controls. The count of blending options may differ in different blenders, such as some of them might come with 3 speeds and the others may have the options for the blend, puree, crushed ice, smoothie, etc. It is up to you how many such options you require for your said blender.

Some of the models may have manual controls through which you can press along with hold down its buttons for selecting a speed. To change the speeds, you have to hit some other button. Besides the manual, microprocessor blenders are available involving programmed blend cycles. With this model, you can hit a button and do other works while it is going through a number of speeds and spins for blending the ingredients.

You should also consider the material of the jar like glass, Polycarbonate or plastic, Stainless Steel. The budget should be also considered as per your requirements. Through these tips, you may purchase the best hand blender for your kitchen.

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