Difference Between Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner – Which one is Better?

Difference Between Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner – Which one is Better?

As soon as the summer starts, one of the most common questions that many people have in their mind is air cooler Vs. Air conditioner. This is quite a confusing question as both of them can be used for cooling the room. But if you are not choosing the right option, then it is going to be a waste of time and money as well. In simple words, you should be able to pick something that comes in your budget, less power bill, and more comfort. It can be a tough decision for many people to make, and if you are also in such a confusing state, then you are at the right place.

Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner

Here we have a small comparison or difference between air cooler and AC, and that can help you make the right choice.  

difference between air cooler and ac


One of the most important factors that we need to consider while buying an air conditioner or an air cooler is the price. When you compare both of them, you will be able to find an air cooler for as low as Rs 3000 to Rs 5000. But when it comes to air conditioners, you will have to pay as low as Rs 25,000 to get one home.  


When you are making a comparison of air cooler Vs. AC, portability is another important factor. An air conditioner is mounted on the wall, and once you install it, you will not be able to move it. But when it comes to air coolers, you can easily move them according to your choice. You can place them in any room as and when you need them.  


The next factor to keep in mind is the installation process. You will have to do a lot of work for the installation of the air conditioner. You will need the help of an experienced professional to install the air conditioner. Both split and window air conditioners need installation. For an air cooler, there is no installation process at all. You can just buy and start using it as soon as it arrives at home.  


In cooler Vs. AC, there will not be any kind of maintenance for an air conditioner. When compared to the air conditioners, for an air cooler, you will have to do a lot of maintenance. Air coolers come with a water tank, and you will have to fill the tank with water every day for it to work. It is a very tedious process, and depending on the size of the water tank, you may have to fill up to ten buckets in the air cooler.  


When talking about comfort, there cannot be anything better than air conditioners. Whether it is a humid climate in monsoon or dry summers, air conditioners will provide you the best comfort. You will be able to use the coolers just in dry and hot weather conditions only. Some high-end air cooler or the most popular air cooler in India may work just fine in humid weather conditions, but you will not be able to enjoy the comfort that your air conditioners offer.  

Power Consumption:

When it comes to air cooler Vs. Air conditioner electricity consumption is the air conditioners that use a lot of power. You will have to pay high electricity bills. But if you check out in the market, you will be able to find energy-efficient models. If you want to go for them, you should have a high budget. They are expensive than the other models. When you compare the same with an air cooler, it will not even consume 25 percent of the power that is consumed by air conditioners. So, for cooler Vs. AC electricity consumption, air coolers is the best choice.  

Environment Friendly:

You should also check the environmental factors when looking for air conditioners or air coolers. There are refrigerant gases like Hydro-chlorofluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons. When they are released into the environment, they can be harmful to you, even the most popular air conditioner in India. Along with that, they can also cause harm to the ozone layer. But in air coolers, water is the refrigerant, and that is not at all harmful for you.

So, this was our comparison of AC and air cooler. Every appliance comes with its own pros and cons. You will have your own needs, and you should buy one that suits them.

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