BTS Light Stick Map Ver 4 Price in India 2022

BTS Light Stick Map Ver 4 Price in India 2022

During heart-wrenching moments, the BTS lightstick is used to illuminate gloomy concert stadiums. Before light stick, it was all about the phone flashlights. On the other hand, lightsticks are a new way for K-pop fans to show their devotion to their stars. Any BTS K-pop performance would not be complete without these light Sticks. The BTS lightstick price in India is around 2000-3000 INR.

What Are BTS Light stick?

These LED sticks, which like a mix between an anime wand and a supercharged flashlight, run on AAA batteries, have Bluetooth capabilities and have already won the hearts (and wallets) of tens of thousands of devoted customers. They determine not only the idol’s group identity but also the community that surrounds them. Right now, it’s challenging to locate a group that doesn’t have a lightstick. Their designs are like small art pieces, with some being simple and graceful and others being incredibly detailed.

Many organizations attempt to personalize the form, and they may use their emblem or another symbolic fandom reference to inspire the design. Lightsticks readily become collector’s items due to their distinctiveness. Before 2016, VIXX fans could purchase six Version 1 lightsticks to make a complete star shape.

The more engaged the lightsticks may be, the greater the concert production value and the more popular the ensemble gets. You may obtain a sea of a single hue or a rainbow of colour-changing lights. Whether they’re showy or essential, they’re all collaborative instruments for good – a visual reflection of millions of fans across the world joining together to convey how much their idols mean to them.

Bts Light Stick Price In India: Product Review

The BTS¬†lightstick ver 4 price in India is unmistakably bright! You’ve probably been browsing online for sneak peeks and other reviews, so you already know BigHit has a star inside. In-person, though, it’s fantastic! The brightness casts a blue hue on the light stick, emphasizing its slim silhouette. The internal light is covered by a white bulb, unlike the preceding Version 3 light stick. The bulb shines to showcase the BTS and ARMY emblems when the lightstick is turned on properly using a flat sliding button. It’s incredibly polished.

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The SE light stick is no longer reminiscent of a cartoonish bomb. Even the detonator has all about vanished. This isn’t surprising, given that BigHit has been engineering the ARMY Bomb to have a shorter wick. The grenade stand on the bottom was also taken off.


The smoothness of the plastic body reminds me of stone. There’s something about the design that makes it seem substantial. That is my view. The lightest version is Version 2, while the heaviest is Version SE. Don’t worry; it’s still meant to be held for lengthy periods (5 hours battery life!). Many ARMY members claim that the light stick has slimmed down over time, but I disagree.

In comparison to Version 2, Version 3 is still relatively large. This might be a case of mistaken identity: BigHit utilized the same case design as the original but tweaked the colors and added the Bluetooth mode. This doesn’t change that the SE light stick is lighter and thinner than Version 3. That’s all I have to say about the general SE lightweight stick design.

Bluetooth Mode & App

In the BTS Official Light Stick App, Bluetooth mode is enabled as in Version 3. The app will help you through connecting your ARMY Bomb. To get the party started, choose Self Mode if you want to mess around with the bulb colors or Concert Mode if you’re at a concert or watching an online concert like Bang Bang Con.


Within a week of being dispatched, the product arrived. Bubble wrap was used to wrap the light stick box, which would have offered some weather protection. This time, the wristlet is silver with the same width but a gleaming finish, with both BTS and ARMY on either side. The bag adds a lovely finishing touch. Even if the material isn’t the greatest, some light sticks don’t come with bags. The material is a reusable supermarket bag fabric that is thinner and unlaminated. It’s almost identical to a tiny black Love Yourself shopping bag!

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How Do BTS Fans Use LightSticks At Concerts?

It’s a lot of fun to wave a colored light stick about aimlessly. Color coordination that is Bluetooth-synchronized with the music! The cost of lightsticks is inversely proportionate to the technology they include. Unlike prior lightsticks, which often featured only one color and one light function, today’s lightsticks provide an almost limitless number of options.

During a BTS ARMY Bomb event, an app connects to your seat, and a lighting staff at the arena determines which color ocean emerges in particular parts during critical numbers. On your own, though, you may connect to your lightstick over Bluetooth at any moment and change the colors or strobe the lights to your heart’s content.

Fans care so much about their idols seeing the colorful ocean that they will take tremendous measures to make it happen with or without the idol company’s help. The concert promoter did not prepare for any sales of lightsticks and didn’t clarify that until incredibly late.


The BTS¬†official lightstick price in India is quite budget-friendly. BTS continued to keep ARMY in mind when developing the light stick. The attention to care in the minor things, such as the ARMY name and logo, demonstrates how much they cherish their supporters. With the epidemic and the Black Lives Matter marches, it’s encouraging to see that BTS is genuinely concerned about ARMY.

Who knows what the next edition will bring. A special edition version of something is usually an anomaly. Version 4 of the light stick might preserve parts of the same designs as Version 3 or expand on the SE aesthetics. These ARMY Bombs are virtually yearly releases, so we’ll most likely find out what’s in store for the next one shortly.

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