Top 10 Best Table Fan in India [April 2022] – Best Table Fans under 1000

Top 10 Best Table Fan in India [April 2022] – Best Table Fans under 1000

Summers in India feel not less than a nightmare. So, finally, to get the utmost relief from this scorching heat, makers have come up with more stylish and affordable table fans with budget-friendly and customer satisfaction points. The fans are more compact and portable in the summers. They come in handy most of the time and create good ventilation all over the home. These fans are affordable compared to ceiling fans and good enough to give you comfort while scorching summers.

Top #5 Best Table Fan in India 2022 | Best Table Fan Company

With global warming at its peak, it’s not hard to say that summer is going to hit hard on us and it is going to be hard to resist every time. To get satisfied with the heat, you cannot just rely on the Air conditioners. And For any of the middle-class families out there, paying the extra bill for electricity that will come from ACs is a really big pain.

To get consumers a part of the relief, table fans come in handy just to be easy to be transported. Getting back to the table fans they’re very much capable of giving you some direct air. Having the best table fan, which is portable and one of the best ways to escape the scorching heat of the sun that is heavily getting more and more. There is a list where we have come up with the best possible advanced technology table fans in India.

[Compare] Top 10 Best Table Fan in India 2022

Have a look at the best five table fan in India…

Table Fan NameSpeedAir DeliveryWarrantyPrice in India
Usha Mist AIR 400MM Pedestal1280 RPM67 CU M/Min2 Year
Akari Ak-8008High SpeedAC-DC Rechargeable1 Year
Cinni 300 mm Table Fan 2000 RPM-1 Year
Usha Colossus Rust1280 RPM 67 CU M/Min2 Year
Crompton High Flo Eva1300 RPM60 CU M/Min2 Years
Havells Sprint1300 RPM100 m³/min2 Years
Crompton Torpedo2100 RPM105 m³/min2 Years
V-Guard Esfera1300 RPM68 m³/min2 Years
Havells Trendy1360 RPM72 m³/min2 Years
Crompton High Flo Eva1320 RPM70 m³/min1 Year

Reviews of Top 5 Best Table Fans in India 2022

Here are some our expert review on the top 5 best table fan (editor choice). You can check Pros/cons and other comments from the reviewer.


Usha Maxx Air 400mm

  • Pedestal fan with actually high delivery air.
  • Aerodynamically prepared fan with transparent blades.
  • For better lubrication and reliability and longer life.
  • It has a 2-year warranty which is really good and has a power watt of 55 and operating voltage of 230.
  • Made for jerk-free and oscillation-free power.

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#2 Akari Ak-8008 Rechargeable Table Fan

Akari Ak-8008

  • Akari 8 inch table fan comes up with led light which comes with a DC solar charging socket that gets charged by solar panel so there are no issues of electricity bills.
  • You can experience a cool breeze even when you don’t have electricity power just need to take care is that it should be changed manually.
  • It is comparably more cost-effective than other air circulation appliances.
  • It is basically a multi-angle fan which can give air 2 sides.
  • It is handy in use and has 6 pieces of led lights that even can be used while power cuts for studying or etc.

#3 Cinni 300 mm Table Fan Oscillating High Speed

Cinni 300 mm Table Fan

  • It comes with a copper winded heavy duty motor.
  • It is a complete metal fan that is made up of aluminum and iron.
  • The blades are specifically cut and made of aluminum sheets.
  • With original Cinni oscillating box system.

#4 Usha Duos Mist Air 400mm Table Fan

Usha Duos Mist Air

  • It has a Novel base design that basically comes in a decorative style.
  • A table fan with efficiently high air delivery.
  • Great air delivery of 60.
  • Soft made mechanism frequently double used made.

#5 Crompton High Flo Eva 400mm Table Fan

Crompton High Flo Eva


  • Fully plastic body and base.
  • Great customer service and high durability.
  • It has a wider base and a sturdy look.
  • It is aesthetically suited for household works particularly.
  • It speeds from 1600rpm.

Top Benefits of Using Table Fan

Like we discussed, a table fan is very efficient and worthy. It is just not only a fan but can give you a cooling sensation just like an AC.

So, these are the specific benefits of getting a table fan, listed below:

  • It is way too cheaper than other components of air circulations.
  • It requires no installation or fittings as it just needs an electric wire to run.
  • It’s is very good in environment friendly and doesn’t cause pollution at all and as it gives minimum carbon out.
  • Significantly it consumes less wattage power, which means it is good for your pocket.

The best part about using a table fan is that it gives constant air just like an air conditioner throughout. This will cut the overall usage of the air conditioner and will cost less electric bills.

As it is a table fan you can place it close to yourself and experience the ultimate cooling experience and you can carry it anywhere, as it is very handy. We all have an idea about good circulation, as it is good for your health… In fact, it is one of the best ways to keep you fit and energetic. Some types of best table fans in India are the means to make sure and proper aeration at your place. These all things and a good fan are necessary especially in a room like, restrooms, kitchen, and as well as the places like which have more odor and gases. Well, let me ask you, Who likes to be in a room full of doors?  The ideal solution to this is a good fan that is actually beneficial to your room and family. The one which gives utmost air around the house.

Buying Guide for Table Fan – How to Choose the Best Table Fan For You?

Are you not happy with the way your ceiling fan works? This is a very common problem that many people face. Ceiling fans will not be able to push air to all corners of the room, so it will be a problem. The best solution for this problem is using a Table fan. You can easily place them in any room at your convenience or any corner of the room. They are portable, and that is one of the main reasons why people opt for table fans. You can even place them outdoors when you are sitting on the balcony for some fresh air. But you need to make sure that you are picking the right table fan.

Here is some useful information if you are looking for more information about table fans and how to buy them.  

Buying Guide for Table Fans:

Here is what you need to consider while buying table fans: 

The size:

The first and most important point here is the size of your table fan. You will be able to find them in three different sizes – 12 inches (small), 16 inches (medium), and 20 inches (large). Now depending on the size of the room, you will have to make your choice. For a large room like a hall, you will have to go for the large table fan only.  

The speed:

The next important factor that you need to keep in your mind is the speed of the fan. The speed is usually measured in RPM (Rotations Per Minute). You should select a table fan with a higher RPM if you are looking for a faster fan. It will sweep more air, and hence the room will become cool in just no time.  


Another important factor to keep in mind while looking for the best table fan under 1000, is the noise levels. Some table fans make a lot of noise when they are rotating. This is common with small fans of 12 inches size. Large fans will not make any noise or make less noise than small fans. Remember to choose a large fan if you do not want a lot of noise in your room.  

Features of Table Fans:

Have a look at some of the important features of a table fan under 500:


An important feature that you should always look for is energy efficiency. When you are not choosing the right fan, you might end up buying a fan that can increase your electricity bills. So, just make sure that you pick the right table fan and save a lot of money on your power bills. You will be able to save up to 50 percent of the bill.  

Removable Grills:

Grills are very common for any table fan as they protect the people moving around the fan. If you have kids at home, it can be very useful because kids place their hands in the rotating fans. Grills can avoid this kind of situation. But you should go for a model that comes with removable grills. That makes it easy for you to clean the blades of your table fan. If the fan has permanent grills, your fan will look dirty due to the dust accumulated on the blades.  

Remote Control:

You will be able to find some latest designs and models of table fans that can be operated with remote control. You can easily operate your table fan from any corner of the room. It is a useful feature for adults and also during nighttime. You need not have to get up and move every time you want to adjust your table fan’s speed.  


Another main reason why people buy the best table fan brands in India is they are portable. That means you can move one fan from one room to another as per your requirements. To do that you will need a table fan that is light in weight. It can be quite tough for you to carry a fan from one room to another without any worries.  

Why do you Need for Table Fan?

Let us have a look at a few reasons why you should get a table fan home:

  • A table fan will be able to provide easy cooling. You will be able to find table fans with high RPM, so they will be able to cool the room easily and faster. Especially during summers, the table fans are very useful when compared to the ceiling fans.
  • The table fans are budget-friendly. When you look at the best table fan price, it is very low compared to the ceiling fans. But you will be able to enjoy more benefits. As they are highly durable, and so you will have to spend a few extra bucks.
  • Table fans are space-saving. You can easily place them in any corner of the house. You need not have to worry about size as well. They are available in three different sizes, and hence you can place them anywhere of your choice.
  • They are portable and good for those who wish to move them from one room to another. Table fans are one of the best options for those who travel a lot. You can easily carry them along with you, and there will not be any problem with the installation.
  • They are available in different models, designs, and styles. So, getting a table fan home will help in adding more beauty to your house as well. Most of the ceiling fans are available in different styles, which is one of the main reasons people opt for ceiling fans. But nowadays table fans are also available in stylish designs.

So, this was some useful information about the table fans in India. You can easily find them at a store near you, or you can also check for the options online. You will be able to find hundreds of options. Try our tips and make the right choice.

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