Top 5 Best Small Ceiling Fans in India 2022 [April 2022]

Top 5 Best Small Ceiling Fans in India 2022 [April 2022]

Small ceiling fans are considered best and authentic for small rooms so that an efficient circulation of air can take place. The size of small ceiling fans usually ranges from 16 to 51 inches.

Furthermore, small ceiling fans form the right piece of decorating a small room. For instance, if the room is composed of antique furniture or even rugs then fan-oriented from antique brass will be the right choice to fit in the room. Not just that, instilling a small ceiling fan will circulate the air in the room in a much better manner hence ensuring a much cool feeling in the summer season.

Moreover, considering that small ceiling fans have numerous blade speeds along with some countable heavy motors, adding light to the fan is considered sensible and attractive. In terms of finances as well, ceiling fans are known to yield a larger value comparatively which means that if you are trying to sell your home, adding a small ceiling fan can be labeled as an obvious benefit.

Compare Best Small Ceiling Fans 

Fan NameBlade sweep speedWarrantyUse RatingsPrice in India
Bajaj Maxima600 MM2 Years4.9/5
Havells Nicola600 MM2 Years4.8/5
Candes Brio Turbo600 MM3 Years4.6/5
ACTIVA600 MM2 Years4.6/5
BPL Small Fan600 MM2 Years4.5/5

Guide for Choosing the Right Small Ceiling Fan

When it comes to choosing the right ceiling fan, it can be quite difficult but with the right guidelines and detail about the fan, picking up the best fan for the room will be easy. We have listed down a few of the guidelines that should be taken into consideration before deciding on buying a ceiling fan for the room:

Budget: The budget of the consumer plays a great role in selecting a fan. Since in this article, we have listed some of the best fans under 500, you can look further and pick your best selection.


UL dry rated ceiling fans: Fans with such features are suited for an indoor location that is free from any kind of humidity, water, or moisture

UL damp rated ceiling fans: Fans with such features are specially designed to withstand problems such as humidity, moisture but not water. Fans falling under this category are majorly placed both indoors as well as outdoors for instance bathroom, laundry rooms, kitchens, and such

UL- wet rated lamps: Fans with such features are designed to withstand problems such as snow, water, ocean spray, rain, and much more as the fans have blades that are suited in all-weather along with the moisture resistant. Such fans are generally mounted on decks and patios.


Flush mount: Such types is suitable for rooms that have ceiling height that is no more than 8 feet.

Extended down rod: Such types are used only when the ceiling height exceeds 10 feet.

Standard: As the name suggests, such types are for rooms with standard height varying between 8-10 feet.


LED: These consume very little energy and have more than enough lifespan. The ceiling fans that have such lights emit some kind of either warm or cool lightening.

Fluorescent: In comparison to the incandescent sources, fluorescent ones consume 75percent less energy along with having an average lifespan of around 10,000 hours.

Halogen: Comparatively halogen sources consume 15 percent less energy than those of the incandescent ones. These have the lifespan of around 1,500 hours.

Styles & Finish:

Rustic ceiling design: Such types of ceilings vibe great with the mission, country and western interiors.

Contemporary ceiling design: If the room is filled with modern and transitional space then ceiling fans with contemporary design will suit well.

Antique ceiling design: If the home is composed of something authentic vintage and traditional interiors then Antique ceiling fan design is best suited for such interiors.

Tropical ceiling design: If the home interiors are something of a island, nautical and coastal home interiors then such type of ceiling fans are the best pick.

Thus, the importance of aesthetic, efficiency and size largely depends upon the requirements of the customer. So, before picking a ceiling fan for your room, you must make sure that your requirements perfectly align with that of the ceiling fan’s brand that you have chosen as it will be a long-term investment.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Small Ceiling Fans in India 2022

If you are in search of small ceiling fan to install in your small room and make it more attractive then read this article, we have listed down six of the best small ceiling fan under 500 that will help you in choosing the right fan for your room.

#1 Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is from Bajaj Maxima and is of 600mm. One of the best thing about this fan is that it delivers high air even if the voltage is relatively lower. The superior ball bearing provides longer life as well.

Bajaj Maxima

  • The small ceiling fan has a warranty of two years.
  • The fan has a very premium and modern looks.
  • The small ceiling fan have the access to automatic winding as well which means that it offers a greater amount of reliability and the quality of the fan is much consistent too.

#2 Havells Nicola 600mm High Performance Ceiling Fan

This is a Havells Nicola fan and is of 600mm. It has a very authentic bronze Cooper colour which gives a vibrant vibe in the entire room. The paint of the fan has a very metallic finish along with a aesthetic contemporary design which are present on the trims and the stunning color of course.

Havells Nicola

  • One of the best criteria of the fan is that it comes with twin canopies that will help in covering the unpleasant electrical wiring series.
  • Mounting the fan in the ceiling is pretty easy because of the presence of the upper canopy.
  • Since the summer season invites a humongous electric bill, installing the fan will cut off the consumer’s electric bill as it operates on low power consumption.
  • The ceiling fan comes in silver, white, blue and ivory in color so that the consumer can pick a color that suits their room the best.

#3 Candes Brio Turbo 600 mm Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is from the Candes store and is of 600mm. Considering this small ceiling fan for kitchen can be termed as a decent decision.

Candes Brio Turbo

  • The fan has wider blade tips that makes sure that the fan has longer life and operates smoothly.
  • It generally runs on 858 RPM.
  • The fan is made up of 100% copper winding thus ensuring an extra and long-lasting life.
  • The fan is composed of normal and dynamically well-balanced blades.
  • The price of this ceiling fan is lower comparatively.
  • The contents in the box are the main unit, blades as well as a kit.

#4 ACTIVA 600MM HIGH Speed Small Ceiling Fan

This is one of the best small ceiling fans which is from Activa and is 600 mm that is quite famous for consuming less electricity thus generating a lower electric bill besides providing high flow technology as well.

ACTIVA small fans

The Active fan is considered to be one of the most energy-efficient because it consumes no more than 50 watts. Not just that, it has been officially rated as a 5-star product by the BEE.

  • The fan has heavy CRC stamping that improves the airflow along with the durability of the fan.
  • The ceiling fan is small in size and is considered a perfect fan for dealing with India’s summer.
  • The fan has a double ball-bearing mechanism which means that it will be perfectly noiseless.

#5 BPL 600MM Ceiling Fan

In terms of ceiling fan small size, this one from BPL is considered as one of the best brands when it comes to ceiling fans in India and it comes without any kind of regulator. As a whole, BPL is considered as one of the best brands that deals with fans id all shapes and sizes.

BPL small ceiling fans


  • The fan delivers high performance even at a low voltage.
  • The size of the ceiling fan is small thus ensuring a small fit even in small rooms.
  • The fans have very glassy coated blades which gives a fancy look besides delivering a much longer durability.
  • Fans from BPL is also known to be very cost-effective.
  • The package of the fan consists of a top canopy, ceiling fan motor, down rod unassembled, shackle assembly, blade set packed separately, and ceiling fan motors that are to be sold with ceiling fan blade separately.

Thus, the following are some of the best small ceiling fans that you can opt for buying. Now that you know everything regarding ceiling fans concerning which ceiling will vibe and fit right at your home, you are all set to get yourself a small ceiling fan.

Benefits of having Small Ceiling Fan in Home

  • The fan is known to provide a high performance hence delivering an absolute comfort.
  • The fan operates comparatively at low voltage and offers a high air delivery.
  • The fan has a total number of 4 blades.
  • The electric steel lamination is of superior grade for both the low power consumption as well as longer life.

While selecting a ceiling fan for a small room, several key points should be taken into consideration. Since a ceiling fan is termed as a long-term investment, a deep thought should be given before taking any initiative. So, while buying a ceiling fan, it should have a reversible motor so the blades can be easily switched for the summer as well as the winter.

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