10 Best 32 inch LED TV in India under 15000 (April 2022)

10 Best 32 inch LED TV in India under 15000 (April 2022)

If you are thinking to purchase a brand new and best 32 inch led tv in India, then there are various brands available to choose from. Nowadays, people are looking for various features in one TV and amongst so many of choices, sometimes it becomes a difficult task to choose the best TV that is included with the advanced features. But, for your convenience, a list of the top 10 led tv in India is given below, so that you can choose the appropriate TV for your home.

Top 10 Best 32 inch LED Tv in India (April 2022)

  1. Samsung 32J4003-SF
  2. LG 32LH576D
  3. Sony Bravia KLV-32R302E
  4. Micromax 32HIPS621HD
  5. Samsung FH4003
  7. Kevin Kn20
  8. SanyoXT-32S7100F
  9. Panasonic 32D400D
  10. BPL Vivid BPL080D51H
So, these are the top 10 32 inches led tvs of india, now check out the detailed reviews of all the above-mentioned LED Tvs with their specification, features, and user feedback.
32 Inch LED TVAudio Wattage Connector TypeWarrantyPrice in India
Samsung 32J4003-SF‎20 WattsUSB, HDMI1 Year Comprehensive Warranty + 1 Year Additional Panel Warranty
LG 32LH576D‎20 Watts
1 Year
Sony Bravia KLV-32R302E‎10 Watts
USB, HDMI 1 Year
Micromax 32HIPS621HD‎20 Watts
Vga, Usb, Hdmi 1 Year
Samsung FH4003‎10 Watts
1 Year
Kevin Kn2020 Watts USB, Hdmi
1 Year
SanyoXT-32S7100F‎14 Watts
Radio frequency, Usb 2, Hdmi 2
1 Year
Panasonic 32D400D‎20 Watts
‎1 HDMI port and 1 USB port
1 Year
BPL Vivid BPL080D51H‎16 WattsVga, Usb, Hdmi
1 Year

Review of Top 32 Inch LED TV in India (April 2022)

Below are reviews of best Led tv of india from popular brands like Samsung, sony, micromax, LG, Panasonic, BPL etc.

#1 Samsung 32J4003-SF

Samsung 32J4003-SF

High-quality Display and Beautiful Design:

You will have an incredible viewing experience with your brand new Samsung 32J4003 LED TV. It is perfectly combined with a narrow bezel, slim design along with smooth finish. All of these features have made it full with an amazing aesthetic appeal. It has 91.9 x 50.3 x 12.7 cm in size and 13 Kg of weight. This particular TV can be perfectly fit on shelves, consoles, and hooked on your wall. It is featured with a 32-inch HD LED display that is offering sharp images and bright colors. It is associated with 1366×768 pixels of pixel resolution and thus you will get an enhanced and mind-blowing picture quality. It has 720 p of widescreen display that allows its viewers to watch their favorite shows effortlessly and seamlessly from their desired angle. The Samsung LED TV is featured with an impressive HyperReal Picture Engine that will give you an awesome theatrical experience whenever you watch HD movies.

Increased Audio Quality:

This TV is associated with an advanced and incredible sound quality along with Dolby Digital Plus Sound Technology added with dual 5 W speakers that will be appropriate for viewing movies with deep and rich audio output. Its internal speakers are involved with the Down Firing Bass Reflex property that distributes the HD sound evenly from each corner in its placing. The Virtual Surround Sound System gives the amplified and soothing sound.

Ocean of Unlimited Entertainment:

The Samsung LED TV is featured with the Smart Mobile Link facility that enables the viewers to connect to their mobile device very easily and thus they will enjoy their mobile device contents on the bigger screen. It also has USB ports and HDMI ports with which you can connect the television to various media devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and also pen drives. One has to insert the USB flash drive into the USB 2.0 port for watching videos, movies, and so on. Many video formats are supported by it that will let you enjoy almost every kind of file.

Lesser Power Consumption along with Additional Features:

It is a marvelous energy-efficient device. It consumes 10 W of power only. So, now you don’t have to worry about the electricity bills while watching your desired shows. The Samsung Screen Capture technology lets you freeze the incredible moments for viewing later. This best 32 inch led tv in India is associated with OSD language support with which one can view the TV in their preferred Indian language. The easy-to-handle remote controller will allow every viewer to operate the Samsung LED TV in an easy and convenient way.

#2 LG 32LH576D

LG Smart TV:

Its design lets the viewers get a superior cinematic experience. Its innovative and simple design along with great functionality has made it an incredible gift to all the viewers. One can connect LG’s Smart TV with their other devices very easily.


Its Miracast is certified with WiFi Alliance with which individuals can enjoy fast and easy connection among the TV, Tablets, and Smartphones without the wires that enable the easy transfer along with sharing various digital contents on your TV screen.


With LG Smart TV, you can easily enjoy the shows and other great entertainment movies and shows that are included with the original and award-winning series of Netflix.

Wi-Fi Built-in:

You can amazingly enjoy amazing home entertainment along with the Wi-Fi Built-in feature. LG Smart TV is featured with the Wi-Fi chip built-in with which the viewers can enjoy greater access and connectivity to along with from this TV.

Clear Voice III:

It is featured with Clear Voice III property that enhances the sound quality through the separating of voices from the background noise for providing the viewers a crisp and clear listening experience. Now, you can enjoy the content without distraction with the help of Clear Voice III.

Incredible Looks:

Now design your adorable living space by bringing this latest metallic design. On particular Models/ Series, this particular may applicable.

Smart Energy Saving:

The specific and best 32 inch led tv in india is featured with the ‘smart energy saving’ feature that will be helpful in power consumption. This specific feature is associated with backlight control in order to adjust brightness along with a screen-off feature with which the picture can be turned off and also its standby mode zero function enables this tv for hibernating effectively with the use of zero electricity.

Narrow Bezel & Slim Depth:

It’s incredibly narrow bezel and slim depth design enables the bezel and screen to blend with one another beautifully. This tv is also included with other amazing features.

#3 Sony Bravia KLV-32R302E

Sony Bravia KLV-32R302E

Incredible Picture Quality and Clear Resolution Enhancer:

The ‘Clear Resolution Enhancer – Picture enhancement’ technology enables you an amazing viewing experience. It will help you in viewing the accurate color and details with the mind-blowing brightness.

Smartphone Plug & Play for Enjoying the Smartphone Contents:

You can easily enjoy the smartphone music, photos, or videos with the help of a very simple connection on the BRAVIA. One just has to connect his/her Android smartphone to the BRAVIA by the micro USB cable and thus all of the smartphone contents can be navigated through the TV remote with amazing sound and better picture.

X-Protection Pro for Long Life of TV:

This best 32 inch led tv in india is a durable and strong TV as it is not associated with any ventilation hole(s) on its back and thus dust will stay out. It is featured with Advanced protection shields that prevent Short-circuits, Lightening caused by unstable electricity and high moisture.

Super Multi-Format USB Play:

You can now easily connect your USB and can enjoy the video clips, music, photo collections through this TV that is associated with the USB play of super multi-format. It provides support to various formats so you can easily plug it and enjoy.

Multi Indian Languages:

The viewers can navigate this tv in the various Indian regional languages. Just they have to make a selection of their preferred language and it will be ready to communicate as per your selection. You will also have other various amazing features with this tv.

#4 Micromax 32HIPS621HD

Micromax 32HIPS621HD

SRS Surround Sound:

With this incredible and impressive feature, you can bring the theatre in your home with the boosting audio clarity along with the SRS surround sound like the theatre enable the viewers to hear high frequencies, bass, and dialogues with perfection.

HDMI along with USB:

Micromax TVs provide its support to the HDMI inputs for giving the incredible power for turning one’s living room to the centre of multimedia entertainment with which individuals can watch all of their favourite videos in the one place.

AVEA Technology:

Now, ready to sense a mind-blowing experience with its Audio Visual Entertainment Architecture. Its AVEA technology will give life to the videos.

5 Band Equalizer:

This best 32 inch led tv in india is featured with the incredible 5-Band Graphic Equalizer so that the sound frequencies can be adjusted as per one’s preference. Now, the richer and amazing listening experience along with the optimized settings is ready to explore.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption:

Many viewers are worried about their electricity bills for watching the tv but now, all the worries will vanish with its ultra-low power consumption feature and the result is reduced electricity bills.

#5 Samsung FH4003

Samsung FH4003

A Slim Design LED TV:

If you want to explore the incredible audio with visual experience, then the Samsung FH4003 HD Ready LED TV can be a perfect option for you. It is associated with 9.3 x 73.8 x 44.2 cm of slim dimensions along with an amazing black bezel for an impressive with sleek look. It is also featured with 32 inches screen with 1366 x 768 pixels of resolution that will provide the viewers a vibrant and bright picture display. It includes HyperReal Engine technology that increases its video display. Now, you can view your favorite shows with an amazing visual experience.

Advanced Technology with Superior Sound:

This tv is full of the latest auto-noise removal technology that provides the viewers a clear and amazing picture quality because it is capable to remove the Analog and Digital noise from the air and the cable. Now, enjoying the crisp images will be possible with the impressive picture quality improvement algorithm. This tv is featured with the advanced and amazing Sports Mode with which one can get the incredible picture and sound like a stadium and the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology of the Samsung will augment the smallest details for giving you the visual clarity and images of high quality.  It is also linked to Dolby Digital Plus sound system along with the DTS studio sound for providing the clear sound in any volume along with a powerful bass with the sharp treble. You can experience an awesome visual quality with premium sound quality.

Connectivity along with Accessories:

This best 32 inch led tv in India has come with 1 HDMI port and 1 USB port so that one can easily connect the TV with his/her external devices. It has come with batteries, one remote control, vesa wall mount support, mini wall mount support, user manual, and power cables. So, be ready to go through an amazing and mind-blowing experience with its incredible features.


  • It is an HD Ready TV with a resolution of 1366 x 768.
  • This best 32 inch led tv in India is associated with the LED Display Technology along with the Screen Size of 32 Inches.
  • Its maximum Display Resolution is 720p HD Ready.
  • It is featured with an IPS Advanced LED Panel along with a Thin Bezel.
  • It is included with Floor Stand and Wall Mount features.
  • The TV has come along with 4 Picture Modes and Edge LED of Backlight technology.
  • Its Aspect Ratio is 16:9 and featured with Local Dimming Type. It is also featured with 2 Speakers and 20W of Total Sound Output.
  • It is included with 2 HDMI and 1 USB along with Headphone Out facility and Component Video Input feature.
  • It supports 4 Video Playback Formats and 4 Audio Playback formats.
  • It comes with a Warranty Period of 1 Year.

#7 Kevin Kn20

Kevin Kn20
  • It is well-equipped with several impressive features. It is a 32″ HD LED Television that is featured with the A+grade Display Panel.
  • Its Resolution is 1366×768 pixels and also associated with Power Audio, Eco Vision, Cinema Mode along with 178/178 degree wide viewing.
  • The various Connectivity options are 2 numbers of the HDMI, 2 numbers of USB, 2 numbers of AV, and 1 number of PC and RF. It includes HRDD Technology and a Slim bezel. Its Total Sound Output is 20W.
  • Its Connectivity ports are 2 USB and 2 HDMI.
  • It is involved with 1 Year manufacturer warranty.
  • It is featured with Bluetooth, HRDD Technology, Power Audio Volume, In-Built Games, Eco Vision, Wireless Headphone Control, Auto Sleep, and Cinema Zoom.

#8 Sanyo XT-32S7100F

Sanyo XT-32S7100F


You will experience a stunning and incredible picture quality along with the sharp images with vivid colors and for the high definition resolution of 1920×1080.

Wide Viewing angles:

In every angle, an individual can experience the perfect color reproduction and contrast for its wide viewing angles.

Dot Noise Reduction or Sharpness:

This best 32 inch led tv in india is well-equipped with its extraordinary noise reduction technology so that you can perfectly enjoy your favorite TV contents without any noise.

Reduced Motion Blur:

Now, you don’t have to be distracted with the motion blur because its low response rate makes sure the optimal motion viewing.

Real Colors:

With this specific TV, one can amazingly experience realistic and bright colors. Now, enjoying the TV will be easy with these life colors.

Incredible Modes:

It is also featured with predefined Sports Mode and Cinema mode for enjoying the sporting events and favorite movies.

Enhanced Skin Tone:

It is featured with advanced technology and so one can view the enhanced skin tone for a mind-blowing experience.

#9 Panasonic 32D400D

Panasonic 32D400D

Backlight Motion Rate:

This extraordinary feature has solved the problem of losing judder and resolution during motion.

Dot Noise Reduction:

Its Dot Noise Reduction feature eliminates the ‘dot noise’ from the TV screen. With the correction processing and unique noise detection of this feature, one can seamlessly enjoy the shows without any random noise.

Seamless Viewing of Videos and Photos:

One can now cherish his/her favorite moments of multimedia content on the TV screen. Just one has to slot his/her USB memory sticks to the TV’s appropriate sockets. With various customization options, one can customize playback.

Connect One’s HDMI Device:

One can very easily connect his/her device like the latest game machines and the BD player with the help of an HDMI cable. Now, enjoying advanced AV entertainment is possible.

#10 BPL Vivid BPL080D51H

BPL Vivid BPL080D51H

Incredible Resolution:

With its HD Ready technology, you can experience even the finer details very clearly. Sharp and high contrast resolution will enhance your TV watching experience.

Seamless Connectivity:

It supports a range of input sources with connecting and play facility through a Hard Disk, USB stick, or from your PC and also tuning in with your headphones to experience your favorite contents.

Distortion-Free Viewing Angle:

It provides distortion-free and wide viewing from various angles so that you can view every moment. It is also featured with Input of 2 HDMI, 2 USB and 1 VGA, and 16 W output of Audio.

With the help of this top 10 32 inch led tv in India, you can easily find out the perfect choice for you along with your family. But, before purchasing don’t forget to compare led tv in India to explore your favorite features.

Now, you will decide which is the best led tv in india in 32 inches that have covered all of your needs and which deserves to be the best led tv brand in India 2022.

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