Top 5 Best Gas Stoves in India (April 2022) – Buying Guides & Reviews

Top 5 Best Gas Stoves in India (April 2022) – Buying Guides & Reviews

Indian ladies have a great hand with cooking on the live fire. Prior, they were utilizing “chulha” which was burnt by means of natural fuels like cow dung cakes, etc., however, it was not healthy as it gave out a lot of pollution. In any case, things are altered these days, and with the passage of time, Indian women are presently utilizing contemporary technologies to cook food at home.


Gas Stove without an iota of doubt is an incredible discovery of human life which gives the same to the food and uses natural gas to cook food at home. Each lady enjoys the best gas stove tops as it has the least risk while being used. Another preferred standpoint of utilizing a gas stove is it is dependable. Gas stoves are light in weight and produced using light metal, so they are for the most part long-lasting.

Compare Top 5 Best Gas Stove in India

Best Gas StoveNo. Of BurnersMaterialWarrantyPrice in India
Prestige Marvel4 BurneGlass2 Years
Pigeon Troika3 BurnerGlass Ceramic5 Years
Sunflame GT4 Burner Stainless Steel2 Years
Glen GL 10333 BurnerStainless Steel1 Years
Prestige Marvel2 BurnerGlass2 Years

What is the Need for Using a Gas Stove?

  • Gas stoves function by means of LPG and hence you are free from any kind of electric short circuits.
  • More or less every utensil can be utilized to cook on a gas stove. There is no precise prerequisite of the cooking utensil.
  • It is less costly than electric and induction cooktops.
  • The flame can be raised or even decreased simply with the turn of a knob.
  • The temperature of cooking can also be regulated. Most people merely like the thought of being capable to perceive the flame.
  • Your cooking is not affected by any kind of power cuts.

Pros/Cons of Top 5 Best Gas Stove in India

Below are some of the detailed reviews, pros/cons, and positive points and negative points of the gas stove which is selling in high numbers in India. Brands like prestige, glen, pigeon, sunflame are the most popular brands in India for gas stove cooktops.

#1 Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Table


Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Table

On the off chance that you are prepared to trade-off with outline and appearance yet not with the performance and just need to go with the best gas stove brand then Prestige gas stoves are the top alternatives for you. They don’t trade-off with performance. This gas stove has 4 burners, a glass top table yet not in double color. It comes only in a single color is black. It also has a glass top as well as four special burners with separate pan hold up.

The burners utilized as a part of this gas stove are of high caliber, called tri-pin burners. The handles for gas controls are ergonomically designed very alluring, simple to utilize, and very smooth. The other portion of the stove is made of stainless steel, very tough and strong. Which makes this gas stove a bit heavy.

    • Leak-proof design.
    • Knobs are ergonomically designed.
    • Highly efficient tri-pin burners.
    • Graceful black hard-edged glass top.

#2 Pigeon Troika Glass-ceramic 3 Burner Gas Stove


Pigeon Troika Glass-ceramic

Specifically created for present-day kitchens, this best gas stove 3 burners is accessible in various shapes to compliment your kitchen. The gas top has special tubular legs for a solid and firm grasp. This manual ignition item is simple in maintaining as well as cleaning. The tri-pin metal burners are backed-up by skillet curves. The thoroughly dark-hued exquisite looks with front-glass make it an ultra-present day cooktop.

India’s very first model with front glass will surely add an additional class to your kitchen. The unique pan backup improves balance. The item is covered with a rust-proof coating to include sturdiness. The glass-look makes your kitchen trendy and glossy.

    • Body coated with rustproof powder.
    • Tri-pin brass burners to distribute even flame.
    • Triple burner for handy cooking.
    • Made of Stainless steel with a glass top and is Black in color.

#3 Sunflame GT Regal Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas


Sunflame GT Regal Stainless Steel

Sunflame’s presence in the Indian kitchens for over three decades has always tried to give homemakers the most recent in innovation and making cooking a lavish and pleasurable experience. Their nonstop quests for the genuine comprehension of clients’ needs and necessities have made us continually imaginative. Continually investigating the likelihood of new outlines, technologies, elements, and developments with an incredible weight on R&D, Sunflame has set up its administration in making better items for its customers. These burners consume lesser LPG and give more heat. Aside from their great looks and higher productivity, they are enduring.

Besides they are also heated as well as break safe, these are scratch and stain-proof so they are easy to clean and maintain. This stove is a brilliant non-attractive matt finish stainless steel base and longer existence with a special coating that does not allow chipping off. Stainless steel drip plate-cutting edge handles make this the best gas stove.

    • Comes in a black granite finish with toughened glass cooktop.
    • Pan supports are euro coated and the gas stove also contains stainless steel drip trays.
    • The base is made of powder-coated metal sheets.
    • The material is Stainless Steel.

#4 Glen Kitchen Cooktop GL 1033 GT Glass Gas Stove

Glen Kitchen Cooktop GL 1033

Deal with your cooking tasks quickly with the GL 1033 GT glass cooktop. With an 8 mm thick hard-edged glass top and rich matte steel body, this sturdy cooktop adds to your kitchen stylistic layout and is easy to keep up. Upgrading its solidness are the aluminium composite burners. Purchase this Glen cooktop and it can be your cooking companion for a considerable length of time. Highlighting multi-spark auto-start, you won’t require lighters and matchsticks to light the burner.

You should simply press its auto start button to turn on the burner. The high focal separation outline of this cooktop empowers you to cook on all burners at the same time. When cooking in rush or cooking vegetables that take quite a while you can make utilization of its high fire burner as it permits speedier cooking.

    • This gas stove comes with 3 Burners.
    • The body is made of rich matt steel.
    • For enduring life, it is fitted with Aluminum Alloy Burners.
    • Additional strong pan support.

#5 Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Now you can cook your most loved dishes with joy in this Prestige Marvel 2 burner best gas stove in India. This gas stove has a smart make and utilitarian components that make it an absolute necessity in kitchens. Being made of high-quality grade material, it is corrosion resistant as well. These burners are strong and have a delicate finish.

It has a gleaming metallic side that enables clients to cook in an advantageous way. Also, the sides don’t overheat while cooking. This gas stove from Prestige scores high on both utility and looks. It has toughened glass top that makes it appropriate for current kitchens. Cleaning and removing stains is simple.

    • This gas stove is designed to be spill-proof.
    • Knobs are ergonomically designed.
    • Tri-pin burners are highly efficient.
    • Stylish black unbreakable glass top.
    • Additional drip tray for trouble-free cleaning.

Buying Guide for Gas stove

When you want to cook anything perfectly, one of the most important things is a gas stove. Earlier, there were just gas stoves made using stainless steel. But now you have many different models available in the present. A little knowledge about the present gas stove models available in the Indian market can help you get home the best choice. So, here are some of the most important features that you need to keep in mind.  

The number of burners:

You need to consider a very important factor while picking the best gas stove in India is the number of burners. That decision should be made based on the number of family members. You can find gas stoves with one burner to four burners. A one-burner gas stove is the best choice for individuals and bachelors, and a four-burner stove is good for five members. So, now you will have to choose based on the size of the family and your requirements.  

Manual or auto-ignition:

The next factor that you need to keep in mind is the ignition type. The oldest models come with a manual ignition type. You will need a lighter or matchbox for igniting your gas stove. But with an auto-ignition gas stove, you just need to turn the knob. It is very simple.  

Burner Material: 

Another important factor that you need to keep in your mind is the material used in the burner’s making. You will be able to find burners made of two types of materials – Brass and Aluminum. Brass is a good conductor of heat, and they come in gold color. They are expensive and durable products. They are resistant to corrosion. But when it comes to aluminium, they are also good conductors of heat. But they are less durable and not resistant to corrosion. Aluminium is a cheaper material. So, make your choice accordingly.  

Size of the stove:

When you are looking for gas stoves, you should consider the gas stove’s size as well. When you have very little space on your kitchen counter, then you should be very careful while making your choice. You cannot just pick anything that you like. If you are buying a bigger size than you can accommodate, it can be a problem.  

Body material:

Usually, most of the gas stoves are made using only stainless steel only. But nowadays, we have some latest models that come with a glass surface on the top. It is a strong tempered glass that is resistant to heat and does not break easily. They are stylish and come in black color. Some gas stoves also come with a floral design on the glass surface. They are easy to clean and maintain, as well.  


You need to be very careful while making your choice about the gas stoves. There are chances that the stoves moves and falls off the kitchen counter when you are cooking. So, you should pick the best gas stove in India 2022 that comes with anti-skid feet. That will help in cooking safely.

These are some of the important factors that you need to keep in mind while picking a gas stove.


These are the best gas stove which you can buy for your home use. For the Indian kitchen, these are the best gas stovetops, we have included 3 burners, 2 burners and 4 burner gas stoves, choose the best one you like.

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