Top 5 Best Crompton Ceiling Fans (April 2022) – Expert Reviews

Top 5 Best Crompton Ceiling Fans (April 2022) – Expert Reviews

If you are looking for The Crompton Best Ceiling Fan, you can find the best Crompton Greaves Fans here. These ceiling fans can give you the best cooling compared to other fans, which are not suitable for the price. Crompton has good brand value as they provide the best of value for money.

[Compare] Top 5 Crompton Best Ceiling Fan in India

Crompton Greaves FansSpeedInput PowerWarrantyPrice in India
Crompton HS Plus 370 RPM53W2 Years
Crompton Aura 380 RPM74W2 Years
Crompton Decora370 RPM70W2 Years
Crompton Hill Briz370 RPM75 W2 Years
Crompton Silent Pro315 RPM42W2 Years

Top 5 Best Crompton Greaves Fans [Review]

You can find many ceiling fans but not good as Crompton. Crompton fans are good as they provide good cooling with less power consumption. Here we review the top 5 best Crompton Greaves Fans, which are the best among all.

1. Crompton Greaves HS Plus

Crompton HS Plus

This ceiling fan will give you the best value for money, one of the best Crompton ceiling fans in India. With 5 star rating of BEE, this ceiling fan can save most of the power. Less light bill will make you enjoy more. Its blades are designed so well that it gives you double reliability and higher air.

This fan uses 48 inches of 3 blades consuming 53 watts (while its operating voltage is 220-240 volts. Crompton Greaves HS Plus provides 320 RPM of speed in cooling. Usually, there are many ceiling fans available in the market, which costs more and consumes more voltages, compared to a 75W three-blade fan or an 85W four-blade fan (which consumes more electricity). Crompton Greaves HS Plus consumes less light and gives more air.

By which you can save almost Rs.30-40 per month on your electricity bill. Also, Crompton Greaves HS Plus gives you less noise and more air as it is only a three-blade fan while four-blade fans will noise more.

From a design point of view, you will not be disappointed for sure. Check out the below image, where this three-blade fan looks fantastic on the ceiling. You can order in black, ivory or brown colour too.

If you want smooth running and cool air, go for Crompton Greaves HS Plus, as it gives the best value of money.


  • Length :- 48 inch
  • Watt:- 53 watt (operating voltage 220-240)
  • Speed: 320 RPM
  • How many blades? :- 3
  • Sweep:-1200 MM
  • Bearing:- Double Bearing.
  • How many Stars? :- 5 Stars

FAQs related to Crompton Greaves HS Plus

1. How many colours are available?
Three colours (black, brown, and ivory white).

2.Does it included with the Regulator of speed?
No, it would help if you bought a speed regulator separately.

3. How many days it takes to deliver the product?
Mostly in 7-10 days, you will get your product.

4. How many years of warranty are included?
You will get two years of warranty (of the blade, fan) with the package.

Positive Things:-

  • Runs smooth
  • No noise
  • Remain cools after more than 12hours of continuous running
  • Value of money
  • Power Saving

Negative things:-

  • Does not come with Speed Regulator
  • Fewer colors available poor design

2. Crompton Greaves Aura 48-inch 74-Watt Decorative High Speed Ceiling Fan



Crompton Aura 48-inch 74-Watt Decorative

Above mentioned fan is not good at design, and if you are looking for a bit of stylish budget ceiling fan in Crompton, you should go with Crompton Greaves Aura, which is quite an elegant fan with almost the same price. Crompton Greaves Aura has 74 watts and three blades. Crompton Greaves Aura gives 1200mm of sweep and 360 RPM of speed (which is more than the above fan). As you can see in the above image, the Crompton Greaves Aura is quite stylish but consume more power compared to Crompton Greaves HS Plus.

There is not much difference between Crompton Greaves HS Plus and Crompton greaves aura. The only difference is the latter one is a bit stylish, and the earlier one is the cheaper one.

Crompton Greaves Aura is available in Titanium colour and ivory colour. Below is an image of Titanium coloured Crompton Greaves Aura fan.

3. Crompton Greaves Decora Premium 48-inch 70-Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan


Crompton Decora Premium 48-inch 70-Watt

This is 3rd best Crompton Greaves Fan which has a better design and is available in the unique colour of ginger gold. Crompton Greaves Decora has 448 inches of length and 70 watts of speed with 370 RPM of speed.

These fans have three blades and having 1200 mm of the sweep. So, if you want a high-speed, excellent design, and unique colour ceiling fan, you can go with Crompton Greaves Decora.

These are the top 2 Crompton Greaves Fans that are available in the market. All the Crompton Greaves fans provide two years of warranty (which will be attached with a package of a ceiling fan). Also, all fans run on double bearing and three blades which provide high speed and higher AIR. And available on a range of Rs.2000-2200/-.

4. Crompton Hill Briz 1200 mm (48 inch) High Speed Ceiling Fan

Crompton Hill BrizIf you are looking for the most positive reviewed Crompton Greaves Fan, then you must go for Crompton Hill Briz. Crompton Hill Briz has got the highest rating on all e-commerce websites and is available in Brown colour.

This fan can give you around 370 RPM Of speed (which is very fast and good enough for a summer hit). It has brown coloured Powder-coated aluminium blades, which looks so nice on the fan, And consumes around 75 W of power. It comes with two years of warranty, so no worries for atleast two years.

If you are looking for a ceiling fan under Rs.1500, this is the best Crompton ceiling fan for home use. For home purposes, Crompton Hill Briz is one of the most used ceiling fans in India. We have already discussed that Crompton is the highest-selling brand in India under the Ceiling Fan category. So, you can go for this 5-star rating ceiling fan and buy now.


5. Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm (48 inch) ActivBLDC Remote-controlled Ceiling Fan

Crompton Silent Pro Enso

Suppose you don’t have a budget problem and looking for a remote-controlled ceiling fan, then you can buy Crompton Silent Pro Enso. Yes, Crompton Silent Pro Enso comes with a Remote control feature; you can on-off it with remote control; you don’t need to get up and on-off this ceiling fan.

It gives you the speed of 315 RPM and has Air delivery of 240 CMM. The remote control is of RF Technology and works with two batteries. Like Air conditioner you use at home, you can set the timer in this fan as well. Like Press 1h to turn off the fan in 1 hour. Amazing, isn’t it?

You don’t need to point the remote to the fan; you can point it anywhere and operate it. You can use a single remote for multiple fans, and as mentioned above, you can set the timer as well. So, what are you waiting for? Just go for this, one of the Best Crompton Greaves Fans in India.

All fans are a great value of money. Check out each fan and decide which Crompton Greaves Fans you need to buy.

Why Crompton Greaves Fans are the Best Brand in India?

When looking for the best ceiling fans in India, you will be able to come across several different brands. But one of the most popular brands in India is Crompton Greaves. This brand is also popular with the name Crompton. Crompton Greaves fans are one of the oldest and most reliable brands in India. An engineer first started this brand from Britain, but post-independence, it was acquired by the Indian group Thapar group. It is present in the market for 130 years and is still one of the best brands.

Many of us still question why the best Crompton Greaves fans brand is still at the top when there are so many competitors. When it comes to quality, they always make sure to provide the best quality. Many other brands in India offer that, but still, they are at the top. So, let us have a look at why Crompton Greaves fans are the best brand in India:

Wide range of models:

One of the most important factors that we consider while picking a ceiling fan is its design and looks. Earlier fans were used just to keep the room cool. But that is not the only reason why people but ceiling fans. Along with the cooling effect, it should also add a new and elegant look to the room. So, we always try to find the best models and designs in the market. The motor’s design, the design of blades, colours, size, shape, and extra styles like added lights and other features that make the fan look beautiful. Crompton Greaves understands this requirement and hence makes sure to provide the best models. You have a wide range of options from Crompton to choose from.

 360 degree Air Gliding Technology:

Usually, with the normal fans, the air will be circulated to just some area in the room. It has a diameter where the air circulated. But with Crompton fans, the blades are made using aerodynamic technology or 360-degree air gliding technology. With this technology, the blades are slightly bent upward, which helps the fan cover some extra area. That means air is circulated to a wide area in the room.  

E-sense Technology:

Crompton was the first brand in India to make fans with E-sense technology. During summers, especially in countries like India, the temperatures keep changing frequently. Your fan should adjust the fan’s speed depending on the temperature inside the room. And these fans come with such wonderful technology. You need not have to keep moving around to adjust the speed of the fan. If you still have to do it, you can do it with the help of the remote control, as Crompton fans come with remote controls.

Anti-dust Coating:

It is not an easy task to clean and maintain your ceiling fans from time to time. But with Crompton Greaves, the process of cleaning gets simple. They come with an anti-dust coating and that will not let the dust get stuck to the fan. That means you will be able to clean the blades easily.

These were some of the points that prove that Crompton Greaves is one of India’s best fan brands. There are many more reasons why you should go for this brand. I hope our post helps you to choose the best Crompton ceiling fan in India.

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