Points to Consider while Buying Kitchen Chimney

Points to Consider while Buying Kitchen Chimney

Cooking is an art and Indian cooking is especially associated with lots of grilling, frying, etc with a good amount of masalas and oil. Most of the cooks enjoy the spluttering sound of spices while preparing tadka for its lovely aroma along with taste but at the same time, it leaves an unwanted impression on the kitchen ceiling and tiles.

Kitchen Chimney in India Buying Guide

Kitchen Chimney

With the passage of time, grime starts depositing over the cabinets and your over-the-counter appliances. For this reason, cleaning of the kitchen becomes a headache that discourages many people from cooking their favorite dish.

A chimney (also known as a kitchen hood) has become an integral part of the kitchens for eliminating the odor, fumes, and other unwanted aromas. This incredible appliance helps by sucking the air in your kitchen. After which, that air is passed through its filters that absorb the generated heat and then traps the unwanted grease particles.

Thus, it removes the odor and fumes that result in a ventilated kitchen by keeping it odor-free and fresh. Now, if you are planning to buy an amazing kitchen chimney.

The Following Points will Help You to Select The Best Kitchen Chimney Product:

Suction Power:

It denotes the chimney motor’s capacity for sucking odor and oil particles and its measurement is represented by a cubic meter per hour or m3 per hour. For an Indian kitchen, the higher air suction capacity added chimney is ideal. If you are a frequent cook, then the range stays in between 400 m3/hr to 1000m3/hr that is dependent on your kitchen size. The chimneys that include a long hose usually have increased suction power.


It plays a pivotal role in your kitchen chimney’s performance. Improper filter function means poor suction power that can develop a health issue. Therefore, you have to choose the appropriate filter for improving the overall performance of your kitchen chimney.


The respective motor must be sealed to eliminate the chance of entering grime and dust into it. Aluminum non-stick blower along with motor will save you from the periodic internal parts’ servicing.


You should go with a size of a kitchen chimney that will be compatible with your kitchen size. A 3feet stove requires a 3feet chimney. The standard chimneys have come with 2ft and 3ft size.

Care and Maintenance:

You should purchase a kitchen chimney that will require less maintenance. The chimney should be installed at a low height of 4feet for which your cleaning procedure can be easy with effective removal of oil particles and smoke.


The Electric chimneys have come with both the low and high budget. The approximate price range is from Rs 3000 to Rs 1,00,000.


The air circulation makes a noise in the chimney but some chimneys are installed with a silent-kit that has made them less noise or silent. Therefore, it depends on you what type of kitchen chimney you will choose.

You should also consider various other factors, such as speed, aesthetics, service, and warranty, etc. Thus, you can select the best kitchen chimney for your wonderful kitchen.

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