Top 10 Best Instant Water Heater In India 2022

Top 10 Best Instant Water Heater In India 2022

A water heater, particularly an electric model, is a simple device. Basically, unheated water enters one side of the tank, and the water is heated by some type of electric resistance elements that extend from the side of the tank into the middle of the water, and then on-demand the water exits from the other side of the tank. Water heaters are used to transform the thermal energy from a fuel source to a reservoir or stream of water. Many people may think that which s the best water heater in India. These can be described by their fuel source well as they may be one of the several specific types of heaters.

Top 10 Best Water Heater in India (April 2022)

They can be manufactured in order to operate in-line, as well as to heat re-circulated streams of water, for direct immersion in an open tank or vessel, as well as for operating as a booster heater in order to increase the fluid stream temperature at or near its point of use. You can select the best water heater on the basis of its type, application, and heating capacity.

How To Select the Best Water Heater in India?

The important specifications for considering the best water heater include the energy source and ratings. There are various benefits of a water heater. Some of them are described as follows:

Simple Water Heater:

A simple water heater is easy-to-install and it requires no ventilation or maintenance and it takes up very little space.

Cost-Effective Option:

Electric water heaters are generally less expensive than other types of water heaters as well as they require no fuel to operate. You can search for the best water heater in India with the help of the internet.

Energy Efficient:

Electric water heaters are known to be associated with high-energy efficient characteristics.

Hot Water Availability:

The electric water heaters are designed in order to maintain their temperature as well as provide hot water all the time. There is a range of available one of the best instant water heaters in India.

Energy Source:

In order to operate an electric water heater, only electricity and water are needed. You can search on the internet about which water heater is best in India to know more in detail.

[Compare] Top Best 10 Water Heater in India

Here we have water heater products compare to which you can buy the best water heater.

Best Water HeaterWater Tank CapacityPower ConsumptionInner Tank + WarrantyCheck Price
AO Smith HSE-SDS-1515 Litres2000 Watts7 + 4 Years
Bajaj New Shakti15 Litres2000 Watts5 + 2 Years
Bajaj Flora 3-Litre3 Litres3000 Watts5 + 2 Years
Crompton Bliss3 Litres3000 Watts2 Years on Product
Kenstar STAR 15L15 Litres2000 Watts6 Years on Product
AO Smith EWS-3 3 Litres3000 Watts5 + 2 Years
AMERICAN MICRONIC25 Litres2000 Watts5 + 2 Years
AO Smith HSE-SDS-2525 Litres2000 Watts7 + 2 Years
Bajaj New Shakti25 Litres2000 Watts5 + 2 Years
Kenstar KGS15W5P15 Litres2000 Watts 6 Years on Product

Reviews of Top 10 Best Water Heater of India (April 2022)

Now, a most common question can arise that which water heater should you choose? Well! It is difficult to say straightforwardly, as there is a range of best water heater brands from which you can choose the appropriate one for you. But, for your convenience, you can choose your desired water heater from the following list:

#1 AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre

The Features of This AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Water Heater are as follows:



The AO Smith 15L SDS Geyser is associated with the capacity of 15 litres that makes sure a regular flow of hot water for all the household requirements.

Glass Coated Heating Element:

It is featured with the glass coated heating element that helps in effectively converting the electricity into thermal power. The particular glass coating feature helps to prevent any scale or sediment deposits from forming on the heating element.

Blue Diamond Glass Lining:

This material is extraordinarily strong and so it the best for protecting the geyser from any corrosion as well as it enhances its lifespan.

Preset Thermal Cut-out:

For preventing any damage that can be resulted due to overheating, the geyser is associated with an inbuilt system that immediately cuts-off the power supply when the water temperature has increased beyond a preset level.

Power Consumption:

It is associated with a brilliant Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) 5-star rating that ensures the geyser helps conserve energy as well as is highly efficient.

Stainless Steel Anode Core:

This geyser is featured with a stainless steel anode core that protects it from corrosive components as well as ensures that the geyser’s body and its associated components do not erode. This helps to increase the longevity of the geyser.


The particular product has come with a 4 Years on Heating Element as well as 7 Years on Tank.

#2 Bajaj New Shakti 15-Litre Vertical


Bajaj New Shakti 15-Litre Vertical

The Features of This Bajaj New Shakti 15-Litre Water Heater are as follows:-



Now, you can take warm showers in winter and feel relaxed. You can release all of the stress and feel relaxed along with hygienic and warm water, which comes in an enormous amount with massive 15 liters of capacity.

Glass-Lined Coated Inner Tank:

It is featured with the glass-lined coated inner tank that prevents corrosion as well as eliminates the chances of rusting, harmful salts, and corrosion issues. It helps to enhance the surface hardness as well as gives the Bajaj steel geyser a lightweight feature. It is also associated with the 50% energy saving mechanism that helps to save on money and energy and provide quick performance.

Preset Thermal Cut-Out Body:

It is featured with a thermal cut-out body that helps to control the temperature as well as gives protection to the appliance. It also provides ample protection to the body that protects body from overheating. The thermal cut-out offers of operation feature if the body temperature exceeds the withstanding one.

#3 Bajaj Flora 3-Litre 3kW

Bajaj Flora 3-Litre 3kW

The Features of this Bajaj Flora Water Heater are as follows:-



The Bajaj Flora 3L 3KW IWH Instant Geyser is featured with white color as well as it is associated with a rust-proof thermoplastic body. It is also featured with a compact design that makes sure that it does not take up much space on the bathroom wall.

Capacity and Rated Pressure:

It is featured with the 3-liter capacity that has made it an excellent choice for a small or medium family (of three to six members). It is also associated with a five-star rating and so it consumes less power.

Body, Inner Tank, and Heating Element:

It is featured with the 3 kW heating element that has made it extremely efficient as well as it helps it to last long. The inner tank of the geyser is associated with a fine coating. It is also involved with an impact-resistant, ergonomic, and engineered plastic body.

Safety and Pre-set Thermal Cut-Out:

It is extremely safe to use as the associated lining helps to keep the harmful salts away from the heating element and also the tank.

#4 Crompton Bliss 3-L

 Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1

The Features of This Crompton Bliss 3-L Water Heater are as follows:-



It is associated with a water storage capacity of 3 litres that has made it suitable for an instant shower.

Incoloy Heating Element:

The Crompton Greaves instant geysers are manufactured with a built-in coil that raises the water temperature. The heating element is featured with high-quality material that doesn’t wear out in the case of instant power cuts and also voltage variation. Its associated copper coil is durable and lasts for a very long time.

Tank Coating:

It is featured with a glass coating tank that prevents rusting as well as makes the product abrasion-free. The high-quality coating makes the Crompton Greaves instant geyser long-lasting.

Thermal Indicators:

It is featured with small LEDs that inform when the water is hot as well as you can prepare to go.

#5 Kenstar STAR 15L

 Kenstar Hot Spring KGS15W5M

The Features of This Kenstar STAR Hot Spring Water Heater are as follows:-


Capacity, Size, and More:

It is featured with a measurement of 48 x 33.5 x 34 cm and it is associated with a weight of 7.7 kg. The body is associated with metal as well as it is suitable for any regular washroom. It is involved with a pressure release valve, a fusible plug, and a vacuum release valve. It is associated with a capacity of 15 litres.

Heating Element, Thermal Cut-Out, and Safety:

It is featured with a thermal cut-out feature. It is also involved with an anti-siphonage feature.

Power Rating and More:

It is associated with a BEE five-star energy rating that has made it energy-efficient. It also reduces the consumption by approximately 50% and the wattage is 2kW.

#6 AO Smith EWS-3 3-Litre

AO Smith EWS-3 3-Litre

The Features of This AO Smith EWS-3 Water Heater are as follows:-


Good Storage Capacity:

The AO Smith instant geyser is featured with a good capacity of 3 litres that is sufficient enough in order to heat water for the entire family. It helps to prepare hot water quickly.

Energy Efficient Water Heater:

It is featured with the consumption of 3000 W of power and it is featured with a voltage of 230 V and a frequency of 50 Hz that has made it an extremely energy-efficient geyser. It can withstand water pressure up to 65 N/cm2 and this makes it ideal for high-rise buildings.

Compact Geyser:

It is available in a dimension size of 24.5 x 19.7 x 38.4 cm, it is compact and can fit comfortably in your bathroom. It is featured with a rust-free ABS outer body that has made the particular geyser last long.

Efficient Heating Unit:

It is featured with a highly efficient glass coated heating element that prevents sediment or scale build-up on the surface and in this way, it increases the longevity of the heating element.



It is associated with 3 Power Modes with Titanium enamel glass lined tank as well as it gives maximum protection against the hard water and corrosion and 2mm Ultra-thick inner steel tank in order to handle 8 bars pressure. It is also suitable for installation in multi-story buildings.

It is featured with Energy saving 42 mm PUF insulations along with a density of 35kg/m3 as well as it is featured with high efficiency and long life enamel SUS316L heating element. The Temperature Range: 30-75 degree centigrade. It is featured with Power input: 230V AC, 2000W with Variable temperature control with capillary thermostat -φ18x110mm Magnesium Anode in order to provide superior corrosion resistance.

It is featured with multiple safety systems in order to protect against dry heating and overpressure and also it is featured with Automatic power cut off to ensure power savings.

#8 AO Smith HSE-SDS-25


AO Smith HSE-SDS-25

The Features of This AO Smith HSE-SDS Water Heater are as follows:-



It is featured with an enormous capacity of 25 liters which is enough to heat water for the entire family. It is associated with the large storage capacity that provides you a steady flow of warm water.

Glass Coated Heating Element:

It is featured with a highly efficient glass coated heating element. The glass coating on the heating element helps to prevent sediment or scale build-up on the surface. This enhances the longevity of the heating element.

Tank Coating:

It is featured with a Blue diamond glass lining and as it is involved with the property of corrosion-resistant, this particular coating increases the longevity of the inner tank keeping the geyser healthy for a long period of time.

Thermal Cut-Out:

It is featured with a thermal cut-out that prevents the appliance from overheating.

#9 Bajaj New Shakti 25-Litre

Bajaj New Shakti 25-Litre

The Features of this Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater are as follows:-


Tank Coating:

The inner tank of this particular reliable water heater is coated with glass lining in order to make it a highly effective Incoloy heating element as well as it is also extremely energy saving. It can be considered as the best water heater for regular use and consumes very little power.


It is featured with the Capacity of 25 liters of water. It can be an appropriate choice for families of any size. It is associated with a special protection device that gets rid of harmful salts and maintains the tank and element safe and healthier from corrosion.

Multiple Safety Systems:

It is associated with multiple safety systems in order to ensure the best protection against overheating, overpressure, and dry heating. It is also suitable for pressure pumps and high-pressure installations.

#10 Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P

 Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P

The Features of This Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P Water Heater are as follows:-


It is featured with a contemporary and sleek design and scores high on the aspect of functionality as well as it is packed with a multitude of safety features as per your convenience and requirement.


This water heater is featured with a capacity of 15 liters that is able to heat a considerable amount of water at one go, which means it can efficiently warm water for the entire family.

Heating Element:

It has come with an ISI-certified heating element as well as it is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Tank Coating:

It is featured with an insulated plastic coating that ensures its durability. The layer of the plastic also provides it insulation and so it is retaining the heat and keeping the water warm for a long time.

Now, you can choose the best water heater from the above list. For more detail, you can online search about the best water heater in india 2022 or if you want a solar water heater, then you can online search about the best solar water heater.

Buying Guide for Water Heaters:

India has diverse climatic conditions, with different territories or regions having their unique climate according to the geographic conditions. Global warming has also become a factor for the varied temperature, so when we consider these factors, Water Heaters play a major role in our routine life. Water Heater has become necessary for our daily usage even in pandemic situations that we can opt for the right one according to our need.

Factors to be Considered Before Purchasing:

Kinds of Water Heaters:

Water Heaters are a basic necessity to cater to all the customers’ demands. There are many types of models and designs available in the market. Before purchasing the best water heater in India, kindly look at the models available.

  • Storage Tank Water Heaters:

    The most common type of Water heater, where the water gets stored according to the litres mentioned in the tanks. They have superior insulation and can store warm water for a long time. The storage capacity varies according to consumption.

  • Tankless/ Instant Water Heater:

    In this particular Water Heater, the warm water doesn’t get stored. The water gets heated as it passes through the heater coils, and we get instant heated water. Saves on energy bills preferred for smaller bathrooms or instant requirements.

  • LPG Geysers:

    If you want your electricity bills to be down, this is the most suitable type of water heater. Here, the heaters are connected with the cylinders (LPG). These heaters are light in weight and energy efficient but would cost your pocket more while purchasing.

  • Immersion Heater Rods:

    It is designed as a hanging hook with water levels and light indicators. They are compact and can be stored in any of the cabinets.

  • Solar Water Heaters:

    They are environmentally friendly converts solar energy into heat energy, but the drawback is you would not be able to use it at night or early mornings.


Water Heaters are required for multipurpose, so investing in a good brand becomes important for long life and good quality with effective service. Investing in a good brand, you would get a free installation of these Water Heaters.

Size of the Family:

Depending upon the quantity of warm water required, you can choose the heaters according to your family’s needs. A large family would require a Tank Water Heater, while for a kitchen purpose, you can choose an Instant Water heater.

Energy Efficiency:

An important factor to be considered, Water Heaters which consume less power are more energy efficient. They would be given star ratings according to energy efficiency. A 5 star would be given to the most efficient heaters.

Stylish Heaters:

Nowadays, to suit your interiors, a wide variety of ranges are available in these water heaters. You even have horizontal and vertical Water Heaters depending upon the space of your bathrooms.


Invest in a good brand so that you can have a good after service to maintain your water heaters. Service centers are important to repair your heaters, and they can run smoothly for a long time. Look for a less maintenance model.


The budget plays a role in choosing a water heater. You can surf through various schemes that the brand provides and compare them. Online has also become a huge market for purchasing, and you can find a good deal in them. Invest wisely.

Important Features of the Best Water Heater:

Along with the points mentioned earlier, you will also have to check for certain important features in the water heater before you buy them. So, here is what you need to consider:

Anti-corrosion and Anti-scale Feature:

This is a very important feature that you should check before you purchase a water heater. Along with this, you should know the type of water you use – hard or soft. Soft water is not a problem, but if your water is hard, then these two features are very important. Usually, in India, you get hard water in most places. Due to hard water calcium scales start to build-up in the water tank. This will affect the heating capacity of your water heater. So, always choose a water heater that comes with a tank that has an anti-corrosion coating. You will not have to replace your water heaters frequently when you have the right water heater.

Auto-off Feature:

Another important feature that can be very helpful is auto-off. There are chances that you forget to switch off your water heater in a hurry. In such a situation, the heater keeps on working, and it can consume a lot of power, causes an electrical problem, or the heater will get damaged. If you are going for a water heater with an auto-off feature, you need not have to worry. It shuts-off the heater when it is not in use for a long time.  

Temperature Control:

Some people like to use hot water only during winters, while others use it throughout the year. A few of you will have to mix cold water in hot water to ensure it reached the desired temperature. That can be a time taking process. If you can find the water heater with a feature to adjust the temperature, you can use it according to your choice.  


The first thing many of us check while looking for the best water heater in India with a price. You always have a fixed budget in your mind, and you look for products in that range. But did you anytime consider that choosing a cheap product will make you spend later for service? So, always go for a water heater that comes with a warranty. You will usually get a warranty of two years to five years, depending on your chosen brand. It will cost you slightly higher than your budget, and the difference is not very huge. But you will be able to enjoy free servicing till the warranty period ends. You can get any problem fixed without paying anything extra.

Do not forget to consider the buying guide and important features mentioned above before buying a water heater. They are very useful and helpful.

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