Buying Guide For New 32 Inch LED TV in India

Buying Guide For New 32 Inch LED TV in India

LED technology has brought a new revolution in watching TV. You can have a whole new experience to watch your regular shows. Many people are in search of the latest and excellent LED TV for their daily entertainment. If you are also on that team and are all set to select a new LED TV, then please stop for a while and check the below tips:-

Buying Guide For New 32 Inch LED TV in India

New 32 Inch LED TV

1. Best Brand:

Always go for the best brands. Check for the popular brands first and read the reviews about them and then select the best one. If you are searching for an affordable LED TV, then there are lots of brands available to choose from.

2. Minimum Distance for Viewing TV:

Just because your friend or relative has purchased an affordable 55-inch TV (suppose), you don’t need to do the same immediately. At first, measure your room size and remember that don’t buy any LED TV lesser than 32-inch size (as per recommendation). With a 32-inch LED TV, you can watch by maintaining a minimum of 4 feet of viewing distance.  For between 40-inch and 48-inch TV sizes, the viewing distance should be 7 feet. And for a 55-inch or 65-inch LED TV, 9 feet should be the minimum distance for viewing TV.

3. Select Full HD 1080p TVs:

It will be very good if you purchase a Full HD 1080p TV. If you are an owner of a small room, then a Full HD 1080p TV is recommended.

4. Smaller or Bigger TV:

You should go for a bigger TV if you have a choice between one smaller TV of smart features along with one bigger TV of simple features. Smart technology may attract you but you can have great satisfaction by purchasing one bigger TV at the same price and of course, the specific room should accommodate it.

5. Select the Purpose:

Before going for purchasing, you should clear about the motive that will beneficial for you for deciding the appropriate TV model. Sometimes, the TV will be mostly used for watching content from the set-top box, and sometimes, the content of TV can be dependent on the flash drives. So, in the latter option, you should go for a TV that supports each of the useful file formats. If you want to plug your TV into your PC, then choose a Full HD 1080 resolution and select the screen size as per the convenience.

6. Audio Quality:

Amazing sound quality is also important with the impressive picture quality. So, according to the recommendation, search for the soundbar with the large TVs. You can also find out a good 2.1 channel speaker.

7. Features:

You can also use your TV for various other purposes besides a connection to the set-top boxes, so properly ensure that sufficient connectivity ports, such as USB ports, HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack along with other AV ports are present on your TV. Bluetooth can be an extra advantage.

So, before making the selection for your TV, the above tips can help you. You can also search for various other tips with the help of the internet.

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