5 Best Cash Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector [April 2022]

5 Best Cash Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector [April 2022]

The cash counting machine has been one of the revolutionary technologies that have been introduced in the world of banking as it has greatly eased a massive amount of burden. Counting notes has never been so easy and simple before the introduction of the cash counting machine. The cash counting machine has greatly helped people who have to deal with huge amounts of money.

Irrespective of whether or not the individual is an owner of a big company or small company, literally everybody needs a cash counting machine to make the entire process easy. Inevitably, there are hundreds and thousands of cash counting machines widely available in India, so it might be a bit confusing as to exactly which one is the best.

Therefore, we have listed five of the best cash counting machine that you can opt for buying. Complementary, we have also listed down the quality of cash counting machines that should be taken into consideration to buy a machine.  

Compare Top 5 Best Cash Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector

Counting Machine NameCounting SpeedWarrantyUse RatingsPrice in India
SToK (ST-MC01)1000 notes/per min1 Year4.9/5
GOBBLER PX5388-MG1000 notes/per min1 Year4.8/5
Swaggers Super121000 notes/per min1 Year4.6/5
TVS1200 notes/per min1 Year4.6/5
JD9 Note1000 notes/per min1 Year4.6/5

How Cash Counting Machines Operate?

Generally, two stages are involved in the cash counting machine where one is concerned with the actual counting while the other one is concerned with the type of bill or denomination.

In the first stage, the bill is ought to be placed in the hopper of the cash counting machine, after which the money is pulled in automatically and it is made to pass through a scanner which is hence attached to a microprocessor. So, when the bill is made to pass through the scanner, it comes in contact with the scanner and interrupts the beam of light.

This very interruption is then sent to the microprocessor in the form of a signal where it is further interpreted as an individual count. The same process continues following the other bills in a sense of queue the deduce the entire total amount.

In the second stage, the denomination is determined that uses pattern recognition technology where specific patterns are compared by the system that is related to the unique denominations.

Other than this, several other machines indulge the enhanced forms of pattern recognition through which it is figured out whether the bill sits right with the specific pattern or not. This whole process is known as counterfeit detection.

Several advanced technologies are also involved in the process such as the Ultra Violet rays, special watermarks, magnetic imaging, and high accuracy dimensional measurement.

Points to be taken into consideration before buying the cash counting machine

The following are the major points that should be strictly taken into consideration before opting for buying any kind of cash counting machine:

  • Capacity: By this, it is generally meant the number of bills that can be handled by the machine on every cycle. This feature can be easily determined by the size of the hopper and by hopper, we mean a portal where the cash is generally placed before it is taken into the machine
  • Type: Counting machines are majorly classified into two categories which are electric and portable machines depending upon their functionality and size. By portable counting machines, we mean machines that are specially designed for individuals who want to have a machine that can sit right into the mobile lifestyle or even a business environment. On the other hand, electric machines are designed for environments where there is very little movement such as something of the static workstation.
  • Feature: Through the features, the individual can figure out what they can expect from the counting machine. 

Top 5 Best Cash Counting Machines in 2022

The followings are the best cash counting machine in India that are available:-

#1 SToK Currency Counting Machine with UV/MG

SToK currency counting machineThis cash counting machine will save the valuable time of the individual using it. It follows an accuracy of 99% and has the technology that helps in figuring out whether the currency is fake or now. Through this, both the new and old denominations can be easily counted. Given that, it has several modes, it can both be used simultaneously or separately to figure out the fake notes. Thus, this is considered the best cash counting machine with a fake note detector.

#2 GOBBLER Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection

Gobbler currency counting machineThis cash counting machine from Gobbler is of premium quality and can detect fake notes. This machine is exclusively manufactured with advanced and modern technologies. It comes with a color-changing LCD where it turns to red as soon as something fishy such as a dishonest note is detected.

#3 Swaggers Heavy Duty Note/Currency/Cash/Money Counting Machine

Swaggers currency counting machineThis counting machine is equipped with modern and advanced technology that helps in counting almost all kinds of the denomination. While counting, the fake notes are usually detected with Infrared and Ultraviolet technology. Some of the other functions of the machine consist of an automatic start, stop, and clear.

#4 TVS Electronics Cash Counting Machine

TVS Electronics Cash Counting MachineThis is also considered the best cash counting machine in India 2022. This very cash counting machine has a big display which makes it easy to view while an individual is working on it. The motive of the cash counting machine is to deal with heavy-duty operations. Furthermore, through this machine, all the old, new, fake, as well as genuine cash, are smoothly counted and detected. It comes with a colt through which detecting the fake notes from the real ones becomes a piece of cake.

#5 JD9 Note Counting/Currency Counting Machine

JD9 Note Counting machineThis machine is suitable for counting the currency from almost every country. This machine counts notes with 99% accuracy and the fake currency is detected with the help of UV, MG, and IR technology. The entire kits come with an external display as well so that if there is any second-party viewing, it can be done with ease. Furthermore, this currency has a top-notch quality electronic sensor along with a motor that ensures a frequent as well as an accurate counting process.

Thus, a cash counting machine that is brought with the right features can effectively help in the long run by getting the work done in a considerable amount of time. Moreover, a business environment must have a cash counting machine as it has several positive aspects. So, now that you have all the information that you need to know before buying a cash counting machine, you are all set to get yourself one and save your valuable time.

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