How to Select the Best Air Purifier in India? – Buyer’s Guide

How to Select the Best Air Purifier in India? – Buyer’s Guide

Most people are often worried about outdoor pollution but indoor may be more polluted than outdoor pollution. We feel relaxed in our homes without worrying much about the quality of the indoor air. However, poor air quality may affect the health of your family with the risks of several ailments, such as asthma, allergies along respiratory issues.

How to Select the Best Air Purifier in India 2022?

Air Purifiers

To prevent this air pollution, a high-quality air purifier can provide great help. It will help to create healthier and cleaner air indoors. Thus, air pollution-related health issues can be prevented largely.

However, before purchasing an air purifier, you have to consider certain important factors and some of these factors are described below:-

Type: When you are going to select the air purifier, you have to consider the requirements of the indoor air quality. In case of allergy issues, you should look for an air purifier specifically designed for allergy relief. Such types of models are featured with HEPA filters or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters that are capable to emove 99.97% of regular airborne allergens of size 0.3 microns and larger.

Such allergens include dust, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, and ragweed. HEPA air purifiers can be considered as the most functional air purifiers available in the market.

Air Purifier Size:

You should always go for an appropriate-sized air purifier for which you have to measure the required square footage of your room in which purification is required. The calculation technique can be found out from the web source. Now, look for that air purifier that is suitable for the square footage of your room. For this, you have to search for the specifications of the air purifier.

If you or any of your family members are affected by asthma or allergies, then you should look for the air purifier’s ACH or air change per hour rate. ACH implies the count of times in which an air purifier is able to filter the whole volume of the air in the treatment space every hour. The air purifiers that are able to clean the indoor air from a space minimum of 4 times per hour will be appropriate for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Air Purifier Features:

After selecting the size and type of the air purifier, you should consider other important features that you require in your air purifier. Some important features are handles for easy mobility, caster wheels, remote controls, multiple fan speeds, digital controls, air quality sensors, filter change indicators, programmable timers, etc. Such features can multiply the convenience of the air purifier’s operation and provide you efficient control over its performance.

If one is too much sensitive to different chemicals, then he/she may consider the air purifier for MCS or multiple chemical sensitivities. Such models are involved with more chemical and odor filtration and these are frequently manufactured with such materials that will never off-gas chemicals in the air along with aggravating the symptoms.

You should also consider the maintenance requirements of the air purifier. So, in this way, you can select the best air purifier for your home.

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