Pros and Cons of Running on a Treadmill vs Running Outside

Pros and Cons of Running on a Treadmill vs Running Outside

A very common question asked by many people who do a lot of jogging and running is which is best for runners – running outside or using a treadmill? When you ask this question to anyone you know, you will receive different kinds of answers, and they are all conflicting with each other. But at the end of the day, both are almost the same. You will also be able to see the same results if you can make a few adjustments. Both of them come with their own set of pros and cons, so it is good to know about them before deciding which is the best for runners.  

Running on a Treadmill vs Running Outside

Running on a Treadmill: 

The treadmill is one of the most common home workout equipment. People who do not find the time or no right place for a workout prefer a treadmill. You can easily buy it from any fitness store near you or buy it online as well. You can walk on it or run.  If you are using a treadmill at home, find out the benefits using a treadmill at home.


Here are some of the benefits of running on a treadmill:

  • One of the best advantages that you will be able to enjoy with a treadmill is the accessibility. You can easily buy one for your home and use it at any time of the day. You need not have to use it only in the daytime. When you don’t have time in the mornings, you can start using it in the nighttime.
  • Another advantage is you will be able to set the incline levels of your choice, which may not be possible when you run outdoors. If the road is plain, then you should run on the same road.
  • It makes it easy for you to recover from injuries. A road can be slippery or uneven, and that will not be a friendly situation.  


Here are some treadmill disadvantages:

  • It can get boring when you are running in the same old place and the same old room. In treadmill vs. outdoor running, you will be able to get some fresh air when you run outdoors.
  • The extra cost that you will have to spend buying a treadmill and the monthly power bills is one of the treadmill’s side effects.

Running outside: 

Outdoor running is just like walking on the road. You should usually prefer running early in the morning or a little late in the night. During this time, there will be fewer vehicles and people on the roads. You can prefer the sidewalks, trails, and paths for running. 

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Here are some running outside advantage:

  • The fresh outdoor air and the greenery are always inspiring and the best way to start your day.
  • When you find people around you while running, it keeps you motivated, and you will wish to come back the next day. Running alone at home is not at all inspiring or motivating.
  • As outdoor running is connected to nature, you will enjoy more health benefits with it.
  • When you run outdoor, you will are running on stronger and uneven roads. Stronger roads will make your bones stronger and give you a challenging path to run on uneven roads.  


Here are some running outside disadvantage:

  • When comparing running on a treadmill vs. outside, the climate conditions play an important role. When you have an extremely bad climate, it will not be an easy task for you to go out every day. So, you will have to give up running for a few days.
  • When the roads are wet, or the vehicles on the road make it dangerous for you to run.  

Final Verdict:

Outdoor running connects you more to nature, which helps in improving physical health and mental health. But like we already saw, running on a treadmill and running outdoors both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, you will have to check your feasibility, like weather conditions, space in the house for using a treadmill, power bills, and all other factors that can affect your running. As we already discussed, with some minor changes, you will achieve almost the same results. You should always consider your goals and also other health issues and then make the right choice. If spending a few extra bucks is not a problem, then you can combine both by getting a treadmill and trying both.

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